Monday, June 05, 2006

How to fail exams

1. Spell the name of your educational institution wrongly on the outside cover. This happens mostly when students attend Something College. Or in their case, Collage.

2. Put the date of your birth as 2006. (Actually, this is quite easy to do. I might do it myself. I don't hold it against students who don't also do the other things in this post.)

3a. Whenever you write the letter "i", put a cross instead of a dot. All the way through the exam. Wasting lots of time...


3b) Whenever you write the letter "i", put a circle instead of a dot. This happens only with girls...


3c) Whenever you write the letter "i", put a little flower instead of a dot- a circle surrounded by frilly petals. Serious attempt to put in the time. Also girls.

You think I'm joking, don't you?

41 scripts to go. Sigh.


  1. LOL -- a flower instead of a dot! Unfortunately, I don't think you're kidding. Why don't boys waste their time with crap like that. This is why we're still so damn far behind. Not that I wasn't oh so guilty of such things myself as a teen (or a 41-year-old...)

  2. I knew my kids would find this funny! 17 yr old son rolled his eyes and said,"Or little hearts instead of a dot, or little stars. Oh yes, I've seen those!" 14 yr old daughter said,"Yeah, and Cara does little flowers IN A DIFFERENT COLOUR to the rest of the writing!"