Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Now I am six...

Grandson is now 6!!!! 6!!!!! How can that be? Daughter 1 made him this card, in which the red and green men from a pedestrian crossing decorate the inside of their box, wrap presents and make a cake for him.

It's been beach weather. If it looks windy, that's because it was. But it was also hot. Well, Scottish hot.

We needed a new nail brush, so I looked for one in the supermarket but couldn't find one. So I asked a passing Tesco chap and he led me to the shelf, where there was only one nail brush and it was pink. He handed it to me. "Oh," I said, "thank you very much but it doesn't match my bathroom." He looked at me, clearly trying to process this and failing. I don't think he'd spent much of his life worrying about coordinating colours in the bathroom. "Thanks anyway," I said politely, and departed before I had to explain myself further.

Shortly afterwards he rushed up to me with a big smile and a packet of three nailbrushes: two purple and one pink. "I found these. They're three for a pound," he said triumphantly. "The other one was a pound for just one." He was so pleased that I thanked him, took them and then spent ages trying to find where he'd got them so that I could put them back on the shelf, all the time furtively looking round for him so I didn't hurt his feelings / make him think I was completely mad.

Our bathrooms are a) white with blue and yellow and b) white with blue and green. They're both coming up for 20 years old, so it's not as if we're the sort of people who rip things out all the time but come on, you can't have a pink or purple nailbrush in a non-pink bathroom, can you. (Can you? Is it just me...?)

I found one in another supermarket. £1 for just the one, but worth every penny.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Visting Auntie E

We returned yesterday from a week in Norfolk with all of our children and their spouses and children, and also my brother and his wife and family. There were 15 of us in total, ranging from 11 months to nearly 70 (four months to go, dear big brother) and the reason we went to Norfolk is so that my unmarried 92-and-a-half-year-old aunt could meet the youngest members of the family for the first time - and, realistically, possibly the last time.

For complicated reasons which I've discussed before, she lives in this wonderful house in an equally wonderful garden, and we've had many fantastic holidays there, starting when Son was nearly 3, Daughter 2 was newly 6 and Daughter 1 was nearly 8. It's a bit of a trek from here; because of that, we used to go every second year, but now Mr L and I usually go every year because it's so lovely and we're very fond of my aunt. She's my father's younger sister and is now the last of that generation.

Because there were so many of us, we didn't actually stay with her this time, but took a house nearby. However, we visited her every day - not all of us every day, since she's very deaf and can hear much better in small groups. However, the first and last days we were all there.

When the children were small, her friend used to give them rides round the garden in a wheelbarrow, so of course this tradition had to be continued with the grandchildren. Her friend is now in his 70s, so we exempted him from being the driver. Instead, Son first took Grandson and his own baby daughter - above.

Then Son-in-Law 1 took over for his two children. It's not as easy as it looks - I had a little go - because the wheelbarrow has a strong urge to tilt sideways and tip out its passengers.

After this, Nephew took his sister for a spin...

and then his girlfriend.

Our aunt was very thrilled that we'd all made the effort to visit. She's been very good to us over the years - so many lovely holidays! - so we were delighted to do so (though it took a bit of organising). Though she's very contented with her lot, she's religious and has been saying for some time, "I'm happy to go to heaven any day" and we've been saying, "Not till after July!" However, happily she managed to stay alive till our visit and indeed looks very well for her age. Maybe living somewhere idyllic keeps you young? It seems to work for the royals, doesn't it?

Thursday, July 06, 2017


The weather has been mixed, as suggested by these two views from the museum. They very much typify British, perhaps especially Scottish, weather. It can be lovely. It can be less lovely. The photo above: March. The photo below: June. Bear this in mind if you plan to come to Edinburgh - which I recommend. Bring a mac.

I still prefer either to HOT, however. 

Should you have 13 minutes 37 seconds to spare, I recommend that you click on this - - to get a cheering little film about people who have fish surnames.

It will make you feel better about the direness of some aspects of life.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Well, doesn't life whizz by? Happy Independence Day, America. It's also my birthday - 67, argh - and the children decorated my cake. Grandson stuck in the HAPPY candles and Granddaughter-the-Elder, who can't spell, did the BIRTHDAY ones. Grandson thought it was very funny that she put them in randomly and shook his head wryly at the ignorance of the young.

And they sang to me.

Grandson has now finished Primary 1. How on earth did that year go so quickly? (see above). This is the card that he made for his teacher. Aah. I hope he continues to love, or at least like, his teachers.

She has a pony tail.

And from this pile of leftovers in February - with some red and blue self-colour additions -

I've now finished this for Grandson. It wouldn't win any prizes - I put fleece on the back, which made it difficult to quilt apart from in quite large stitches -  but it's warm and it features traffic lights and road sign shapes, so I'm sure Grandson will like it well enough. I do like stripey binding.

Now to start a cot quilt for Daughter 2's daughter, due in October. Fortunately (considering my rate of progress) the baby won't at first be in a cot. I'll probably have it finished before she graduates out of her Moses basket.