Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Watch

“Autumn Watch” is a nature programme which has been on recently. It’s hosted by Bill Oddie, a bearded, rather excitable chap who’s very keen on wildlife in general and birds in particular.

I saw a few minutes of it the other night. He was interviewing the rather taciturn warden of a bird sanctuary.

Bill Oddie: How many geese do you have here at the moment?

Warden (looking out over acres of goose-covered marshland): Oh, ten thousand, I reckon.

Bill Oddie: How do you estimate the number?

(Pause. Warden looks at him.)

Warden: Count the legs and divide by two.

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  1. HA!! I love it when people say something funny that normally they wished they had thought of when the opportunity presented itself! (Does that make sense?) Oh well, it's Friday! It just dawned on me that as I am writing this, you are well into Friday evening, and I am only at lunch! Happy weekend!!