Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Plants and worries

I’m not interested in clothes, but plants – now that’s retail therapy, and yes, Australians, I paid good money for an agapanthus.

Things are still the same with my parents – father lying skeletal and confused on a hospital bed, mother tired and rather sad – and I’m still rushing up and down between our house and hers and also the hospital.

To add to the general worry of life, my lovely son-in-law, who suffers from depression, has been unable to go to work for most of January. I have huge fears for his future and, of course, that of our equally lovely Daughter 1. She married him in full knowledge of his problems and is wonderful with him, but we can’t help wishing for a miracle cure.

And that’s without taking into account the fact that Daughter 2’s boyfriend is trying to be an actor. Which isn’t on our list of preferred occupations for our children’s significant others.

Still, here is another cheering extract from an essay – again, not written by one of my students, but marked by me:

“Capital punishment is less expensive than imprisonment and it certainly lessens the chances of an offender re-offending.”

One really can’t argue with that.


  1. Sympathise with your family worries - have somn too - with my family over there and feeling frustrated because I'm so far away. Love the quote on capital punishment.
    Take care

  2. Yes. There is that ring of finality to capital punishment! Sorry to hear the stress continues. You've probably heard this all before, but haven't they made all kinds of strides in treating depression? Have had brushes with it here. Hope things look up for him. As for the thespian boyfriend, he might hit the big time and make you all rich and famous and rue the day you doubted him.....

  3. perhaps the student could run for Governor of Texas?

    Sorry to hear that things at home are not improving. I hope they do soon.

  4. Your family is in my thoughts. I'm sorry to hear that things continue to be difficult. Good luck with much healing for everyone.
    I, too, could buy plants endlessly! :) Do you plant them all over or have a specific garden spot for them?
    Glad to see you having a spot of time to post!

  5. Ya think??? I love your students - maybe you should write a book with excerpts from their efforts!!!

  6. Ah..the wisdom of students.
    I hope you get time for the garden, in your busy life at present.
    It is sad to hear of your SIL's depression- it can be so incapacitating. I wish him, & you, & the rest of your family, well.

  7. My sympathy goes out to you too, Isabelle. So much on your plate, and yet you can still write amusing pieces for us to read - good for you. I will send some White Light to you and your family later tonight.
    Pay for agapanthus? Well if it is that pretty pink one in your photo, I'd pay for it too! I know it's around, but most gardens I see only feature the purple and white ones.