Monday, May 07, 2007

Iris, clematis and infarctions

Our son and his sweet, slender girlfriend – a very devoted couple for the past four and a half years – have been spending time in (separate) maternity wards.

They were setting the table the other day as I made the evening meal. Chicken for the carnivores, beans for the vegetarians.

Son [with enthusiasm]: I got to see a twin placenta today!

Girlfriend [with rapt interest]: Oh! What was it like?

[He told her but I have mercifully forgotten the details.]

Girlfriend: I saw the placenta of a woman who smoked! It was a funny colour and it was full of infarctions!

Son: Wow!

Me [prodding chicken pieces gingerly]: What are infarctions?

Son: Blood clots.

Girlfriend: That’s really interesting, isn’t it?

[They gaze fondly at each other.]

By then, even the beans were beginning to look a bit suspect. Still, romance is not dead in Edinburgh, which is good to know.

Personally, I prefer flowers.


  1. Aren't kids funny??! How exciting to be working with maternity patients. It sounds like your two were "made for each other". And yes, it really was chocolate for my son -- GODIVA mocha chocolate, no less. Made me feel pretty old too!

  2. That's hilarious! I can only imagine what their conversations will be like in later years, LOL ...

  3. Maybe you can impose an embargo on medical conversation while cooking. Mind you, I'd extend the ban to mealtimes too.

    On second thoughts, this is an amusing anecdote, which you would not be telling if the embargo was already in place.

  4. Funny, funny post!

    Through the years we also have had some suspect conversations over the dinner table ... a complete BAN on biology projects and the discussion thereof at mealtime has been in force since youngest son developed an unhealthy interest in 'how things work'

    Love the clematis ... have one in full bloom ... its a feast for the eyes.

  5. Oh how very romantic! :)

    Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog! I'm very flattered... *blush* :)

  6. Gorgeous photos and oh, my! You gave me a good belly laugh.

    It sounds as though they're well matched, which is truly a blessing.

  7. sounds like such a romantic, before dinner, conversation. :) Nice that they have common interests, though. :)
    Hope you are well, Isabelle.

  8. I do believe I prefer flowers too!

  9. Thanks for brightening up my day!

  10. I hope there were no infarctions in the beans. Or the chicken for that matter.

    Those two are a match made in heaven, aren't they!

    Those flowers are so beautiful, SO beautiful. I am backstracking for another stare...and THEN i will continue my painting.

  11. I must say, your flowers were more beautiful than the story...

  12. Aint love grand!

  13. Ugh...okay, the young ones are well matched and all, but the thought of blood clots in an unborn child makes me feel both sick and sad. If only people who smoke could understand what it does to them, especially pregnant women.

  14. The young dont get horrified so much as we older ones, perhaps.
    The flowers are just beautiful, especially the Clematis.

  15. Hilarious dinner conversation ~ thanks for sharing! :-)

  16. That sounds mild compared to some of the birthing stories I've heard over a cup of tea!

    How nice that they are so fond of each other. I have a younger cousin in a relationship like that and according to my uncle there will be severe parental opposition if the 2 of them ever decide to break up!