Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas decorations

Well, it's past midnight and Christmas Day is over in Britain. Would you like a short tour around the Life house and its Christmas decor? First of all, our front doorbell with a bunch of ivy and a few baubles.
Then this is in our dining room (the tour isn't in a very logical order, I'm afraid) - some glass Christmas trees that I like to display in a dish.

Still in the dining room, here on some plates are a gold star and heart - the cats love to attack these - and a card that Kirsty from Two Lime Leaves sent me last year.

This is the outside of our bedroom door - we display cards on the doors. Obviously.

In the sitting room, the parcels with pictures of cats on them are for our son from his girlfriend.

We had this Santa at home when I was a child. My mother threatened to throw him out some years ago and I rescued him and titivated him up a bit. Elegant he's not, but he's an old friend.

This hangs outside Daughter 2's room. I bought it at Chatsworth, a stately home near Sheffield where Daughter 2 did her Master's. (You've probably worked out that she did the Master's at the university, not at Chatsworth.)

A nice big silver ball above the stairs, with a few elves to add a bit of colour.

My mother-in-law gave us this Snowman mobile years ago. I love it. She sadly died in 1992.

This is the view down the stairs into the front and back hall. Look! Wallpaper!
Now I should really go and have a bath and go to bed. Hope you all had a wonderful day - as we did.


  1. What an honour! You've kept it!
    Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, Isabelle!

  2. Thank you for the tour, Isabelle! It was beautiful! I really like all the special decorations! Merry Christmas!

  3. I have just crawled out of bed. I love the photosAnd the wallpaper in the hall!!

    We have had a wonderful Christmas, and have eaten more thsan our bodywight, I am sure, but it has been lovely. Diana has swiped my photos to post herself, so hop over and check them out!

  4. From me also, thanks for the tour.

    I'd show you our decorations, but we had none!

    I'm wondering what was eaten in your my mother's place we had a fairly simple menu:
    - chicken, ham and vegetarian sausages
    - Chick pea & vegetable pie
    - Salads: Green, lentil, potato, snow pea,
    - plus grape-tomatoes, bread, hard-boiled eggs, lots of wine
    Followed by:
    - plum pudding, chocolate pudding, cream, custard, ice cream
    - coffee with Panforte, Belgian chocolates, and my mother's home made sweets

    Phew! We were stuffed!! [and I didn't even mention the pre-lunch nibbles].

    We discussed what other people were eating, and a couple of people mentioned the great popularity of Brussels Sprouts in at least some parts of the UK (Ireland and Scotland?). Were we correct? We were surprised, because in Australia a lot of people seem to regard B.Sprouts as rather obnoxious!! (although personally, I love them)

  5. I enjoyed the tour, and remain amused by the catlets (shame you couldn't have a matching pair for the windowsill....!).

    All the best for the New Year, when I'll continue to enjoy your blog as I have this year. I'd send some sun, but it's hard to email...