Friday, May 23, 2008

This is not a cat

Various people have kindly enquired about our son's sojourn in New Zealand. He had a fine time and visited many places, the names of which have not lodged in my brain because they tend to begin with W, feature NG somewhere along the line and end in I. These are hard for a person used to places called Edinburgh and Fraserburgh and Peterburgh to remember.
He's not currently here to ask for the details, since he's at his young lady's house up north to celebrate her birthday. (He did manage four whole days without her between coming home and rushing to her side once more.) But meanwhile, here's the suggested guest post - or at least the caption he sent us with this picture.

"A fur seal on the beach at Porpoise Bay. It looks slightly like it’s been shot and is dramatically recoiling, but I thought this was better than the other photos of it, in which, frankly, it looks a bit dead. It wasn’t. It was just lying and rolling about a bit on the beach."
He also took lots of pictures of stunning scenery which I don't have access to just now.
(By the way, talking of photos - can you tell which one of the photos in the previous post was taken with Mr Life's very expensive new SLR digital camera and which with my little not-very-expensive non-SLR one? It was the first one. It does look quite atmospheric, I suppose. Not that I have any idea in what ways SLRs are better than anything else.)


  1. Hey Isabelle -- four hours is GOOD! You should hijack Mr. Life's camera and play around a bit. A new hobby for you (as if you have nothing else to do!) -- you might soon be hooked!

  2. That's a shot worth enlarging and putting on your wall. You can tell credulous guests "No, no; it isn't entirely dead. We wouldn't want that on our wall. It's only slightly dead."

  3. I though it was a deceased BIRD all stiff.
    Hmm, lovely. I'm with Tanya Brown, would make a lovely enlargement for the sitting room.

  4. Why do I have the closing bars of "Bolero" running in my head now? And I am with you on SLRs. SLR = more buttons to work = more chance to muck it up.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Mr R. The seal looks very much like cats do when they;re enjoying the sunshine, lifting up their paws and arms to soak it all in - lovely. Have a good weekend
    PS Mr Ragged Roses is a book designer

  6. If it helps, the one starting with W and having an ng in it is Wellington - it's our Capital city.( just kidding )I guess it is the Maori place names you find difficult, not the Christchurch, Nelson, Hamilton, Canterbury, Cambridge, New Plymouth type ones.