Thursday, June 26, 2008

Various Life events

What else has been happening in Life land? Well, the cats have been having a bit of a nap.

Our son has been up on the roof, washing the skylights.

When he came down, Daughter 2 gave him a halo. He calmly continued to read his book.

She bought her actor boyfriend a ukelele and he sat in the garden, practising it. In Britain, we spell "practice" with a "c" if it's a noun and an "s" if it's a verb, but you don't do that in America, do you? It's the same both times, though I can never remember whether it's always "c" or always "s". How about the southern hemisphere spelling?
He got quite good at the ukelele. I'm not sure if this will further his acting career. He always wears odd socks. Perhaps that will be the key to stardom.

Daughter 2 had a birthday. She is such a darling girl.

These photos are all taken with my husband's expensive new SLR digital camera. I hope you can see the huge improvement in standard compared to the ones I usually post, from my cheap camera. This plant is a trollius. Lovely bright yellow.

Irises. I love irises.

A ceanothus. Great blue, don't you think?
I bought a bit of Gorgonzola in tribute to Suse, but no one's really eating it (I'm certainly not going to; I don't like strong cheese). I wish someone would. The fridge is smelling a bit ripe.
Have a good weekend. I don't want to boast, but I have one more day of work and then six weeks of holiday. (Big grin.)


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  2. I love the picture of the bro washing the skylights!

  3. Australian spelling is the same as in the UK. Except if you're a secondary student struggling with the whole English/American thing. They seem to spell it any which way they like. (sigh)
    Last day of term here. Two weeks holidays, here we come!!!

  4. Great photos I like the odd socks Made me laugh Will look for him in the movies I love the Flowers I like all types of Blue flowers they are my favourite Go eat some Gorgonzola cheese I love it I often buy some and my Daughterlaw Lynn and I have a feast as we are the only ones that like it.
    Hugs Mary.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Happy Birthday to the darling girl, kudos to the cats for synchronising their sleeping positions, and hurrah for you---have a happy, carefree, markingless summer!

  6. I almost forgot the gorgonzola! We call it "Smelly Socks Cheese at our house......

  7. Blogger ate my comment.

    Can you please send your son down skylights need cleaning too. I can provide a halo WITH GLITTER!!!

    Don't mention the word "pratice" to me...I had to correct 80 odd mistakes in another teacher's reports last week.

    Happy birthday to daughter no 2! And finally, enjoy every moment of the next 6 weeks holiday!

  8. I love gogozola don't let it go to waste! 6 weeks hol to enjoy make the most of every minute.

  9. aarrrrgh

    ukeleles everywhere I look.
    we have a ukelele band hoe-down here every monday night. What is going on in this world?? I suppose I ought be grateful the serbian gypsy phase has passed.


    I tried to grow ceanothus and killed it stone dead!

    have a splendid time.
    Daughter 2 is indeed a lovely girl: please pass on my birthday greetings.

  10. happy birthday to daughter 2! and so that's how those skylights are cleaned, i must get one of mine on the roof to do ours (they're new)...pretty flowers again :)

  11. We do the practice/practise the same as you do . When we remember which way round that is.

    Thanks for buying me some gorgonzola!

    At soccer practice (!) the other day one of the dads said he was Scottish so I politely asked him to say gorgonzola for me. He laughed, but didn't. And then it transpired that he meant his GRANDPARENTS were Scottish. Huh.

    Two days later at a soccer match I heard a woman four seats up from me speak in a strong Scottish accent, but didn't approach her as she didn't look as though she had a particularly well developed sense of humour.

    ps. am working on an audio of me saying farnarkling but the technology is proving challenging.

  12. Mmmm...I love strong cheese! My 10-year-old's teacher wrote a grant to buy ukeleles for his entire class last year. They played a song for us at the 4th grade celebration at the end of the year. I confess that I found it less than impressive, but they looked like they were having fun.

  13. Happy birthday to your second daughter. I don't think you could have arranged those kitties any more perfectly if you'd tried.