Saturday, October 04, 2008

Some barely connected musings

When I was 17, our A level French teacher, Mrs Walsh, was speaking to us about current affairs. She mentioned Twiggy, the famous model of about our age who was being mobbed by adoring fans, much like the Beatles were at that time. "Girls," said Mrs Walsh, "in a few years, Twiggy will be forgotten, but YOU, girls, YOU will have careers!"

Well, yes, we do have careers.

Twiggy, on the other hand is still beautiful, rich and famous (at least in Britain); one of those "national treasure" people. I wonder if she sits up late at night marking papers and preparing classes.

Never believe what a teacher says.

I know it's a ridiculous cliché and I despise myself for my lack of originality, but at this time of year I can't help thinking of the garden as being like a lovely woman whose beauty is fading. It’s still got some colour but you can see it used to be much prettier.

I must try to think up a better simile before next year.

How about this for an action photo? Unimpressed by the flowers, Cassie was trying to catch an insect.

This is Dr Son in the garden at Rockcliffe. Not really like home, is it? (He's looking a bit brooding and Heathcliffish, but I think he was just about to smile. He had also taken the opportunity of a non-working day not to shave. )

Back in our garden, I picked some sweet peas for a reminder of what the summer is like.
Today is damp and chilly. Autumn is on the way.


  1. I love sweetpeas too, Isabelle. And re Twiggy - I agree - ignore your teacher. She got that one very wrong!
    Dr Son is looking very at home in that garden of his - the green is absolutely startling, isn't it?
    I hope you are having a good weekend up north! (from me, that is)

  2. Faded it may be, but still so gorgeously green, & lush looking.
    Wild looking territory Dr Son is standing in there.
    I certainly remember Twiggy.

  3. Oh yes, surely Twiggy is internationally known. I live in the back of beyond and I've heard of her!

    Your garden may be past its prime but it is still lovely.

    Dr Son looks about 15!! (Better not tell him that. Possibly he's heard that a few times!)

  4. Rock cliffe looks all right to me My grannie lived in places like that when i was little and I liked to visit.MMMMMMM I can smell those sweet peas..
    Hugs Mary.

  5. Ohh I remember Twiggy she came to the Land Down Under [shhhhhh we must be around the same age ... lol]... I haven't heard about her for years now.
    Just love your sweet peas my Mum used to grow them every year when we lived on the farm and she would be so proud if she could pick her first bunch by the first week of June for her girlfriends birthday ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  6. Your garden is so beautiful Isabelle! Let's just hope fall is VERY slow in coming this year -- maybe with luck those flowers will last into November.

    That picture of Dr. Son is so cute. Don't you just marvel that he's all grown and now taking care of people -- what a wonder it is!

  7. Your garden sound a little like mine. It needs its former owner, the one who developed it, to come back and tweak it. From your pictures it certainly looks lovely.

    And if it is any consolation it is damp and chilly-ish here and summer is supposed to be on its way.

  8. I meant my garden needs its former owner, not yours. Yours is lovely. :)

  9. Gosh, Rockcliffe looks lovely. Yes I will swap lives with you for a while (oh wait, that means I have 3 grown up children, doesn't it? Um ... I'm not ready for that).

    We have been doing the once a week family dvd and homemade pizza night, and tonight we treated the boys to watching 'Local Hero'. What a lovely film to see again. Your boy looks a bit Urquhartish, there above his Scottish beach I think.

  10. I'm not ready to have three grown-up children either!

  11. But today (Sunday)! Today was sunny and clear and lovely and we went hiking up the Pentlands and reminded ourselves of how nice Edinburgh is when it's not being viewed past windscreen wipers! Hope you had a nice day in your garden, too.

  12. But Dr Son is still wearing shorts! It's not as cold as it could be...

  13. I agree with earlier posters: those sweet peas are lovely! :) As are the scenery, cats and son. :) Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures!

  14. Isabelle, how wonderful to be visitng you with the speed of light now as I have broadband not a big deal to many but O! a big deal to lovely to be reading a bout twiggy My gosh I was her image way back in the 60's 70's the same hair cup the same black eyes and the same skinny shape how things have changed for me....if not her (smiles) I dont think I have been called twiggy since the 70s (but I wish) I must hunt out a photo to show you some time. lovely visiting you today. Lee-ann

  15. Twiggy sitting up marking papers - ha ha ha!! I enjoyed your musings, Isabelle!

  16. Hi, I am visiting from The USA. I know you must be in my age group after reading the Twiggy comment. I will have to google her, because I don't remember hearing anything about her since I was a young thing. Your son is handsome! I clicked (I always forget you can enlarge that way) on the picture on your fridge and it looks like a bush or a rock...or like you said, maybe a monster. Come visit my blog and see some Colorado Rockie Mountain pictures. And Granddaughters of course.

  17. I had a very good chuckle reading this post.

  18. I'd like to see what Twiggy looks like these days. I hope to heaven she's put on a bit of weight! ;)
    She might pine because she's never done anything as mundane as marking papers. Well, it's not really mundane at all....but it may seem so to her.
    Oh yes, the young man is very moody and Heathcliffish, but cute at the same time. I think there's a smirk waiting to erupt :)
    Beautiful countryside there in Wycliff, er, Rockcliffe.
    I think your cliche (I don't know how to do the little mark above the 'e') is very clever. Not ridiculous at all.
    Cassie the wonder cat in action. Great shot :)
    Do you know how much I love sweet peas? (a lot). They're the first flowers I ever planted.