Saturday, November 08, 2008

How Michael feels about sport

Write a reflective essay, I said to my class of not-very-academic 16-year-0lds, about something you're interested in. I want to feel your enthusiasm. Your personality should shine through. Try to make the reader see the fascination too. So if you're keen on sport, for instance..... [etc etc]

This is what I got.

How I feel about sport

When I was young, I loved playing football and watching it. My favourite football team was Manchester United. Whenever I watched them play I got really happy. I used to play football with my friends too. I wasn’t that good though.

I was a goalkeeper most times although I’ve been a defender, midfielder and striker. I was really rubbish as a midfielder. I let in goals when I was a goalkeeper. I really wanted to improve my goalkeeping because people got angry if I let a goal in. I did improve but I was still not good.

I hated midfielding because I didn’t have any skills and I wasn’t a fast runner. The ball always got taken off me. I wanted to improve my midfielding as well but couldn’t because I was just rubbish at it. I actually couldn’t stand being a midfielder.

Being a striker was a bit easier. I scored some goals. Defending was fine for me as well. I did really good defending. It was just that sometimes I didn’t do good defending if I had to play against really good footballers. I hated that but still tried and tried.

Whenever I got tired, I didn’t really make an effort, though. If I did, it wasn’t much of an effort. I would just stand back as a defender or a goalkeeper. I got really tired running. Sometimes I did work really hard to play good football but I was probably the worst in my team.

I’ve stopped playing because I can’t be bothered any more. I didn’t play for three months and then I played for a week and then that was it. I haven’t played since then. It’s now been nine months since I played. I don’t want to play it any more because I was simply rubbish and I can’t play football anyway. I hate it now. I just like watching it on tv but I don’t watch it that much now anyway because I get bored. Cricket is much better than football, watching it and playing it, because I’m better at it.

I hate playing tennis and volleyball because I’m rubbish at them. I quite like basketball. It’s an all right sport to play. I hated hockey really really much. I couldn’t play hockey at all. I was really bad at it. I only played hockey three times in my life. I never played after that because I couldn’t play it. I never played tennis because I didn’t want to play it. I just didn’t like table tennis. I thought it was boring. Snooker was fine but I was really bad at it. And I was scared playing rugby.

Yup, makes you want to get out there and play, doesn't it?

(Mind you, that's how I feel about most sports too.)

No, no! Not for cats!


  1. holla wuzup2 teacher..
    happy nice days..
    what happen your cat..

    see my blogs ok
    thank your

  2. After the child essay I would neither go out to practice any sports.

    You'll have to cheer up this boy.
    Hi from Spain

  3. Personality shining through? Poor Michael is all I can say!

  4. 'When I was young......'!!!!!!

  5. Michael needs an enthusiasm injection for..... something.....anything! But since I was "rubbish" at hockey, I feel his pain....but I was awesome at lacrosse!
    Am I seeing things? Or did Thimbleanna really hand quilt that quilt for you? You do know what hand quilting means, don't you? It means she LOVES you!

  6. I think he definitely got his point across.

  7. LOL ... one of those moments when you know you've successfully communicated with your students. That's priceless Isabelle.

  8. Yes, Molly, she did hand-quilt it (see her blog,
    September 29th - sorry I don't know how to do the underlined "here" that people do). She used a bowl. And a lot of patience, I'm sure. Yes, I did realise that it means she's a very very very nice person! But I already knew this.

  9. Am I a bad person for enjoying this essay?

    One of the things I appreciate is his self-honesty. He admits that he's "rubbish" at certain things.

    I hope some adult in his life with introduce him to stamp collecting, wood working, or some other enjoyable pursuit which doesn't involve balls or pucks.

  10. Now Isabelle. You must have an open mind. He wrote about something he's really interesting in -- he's really interested in not being good at sport LOL!

    And Molly -- you are correct -- I do LOVE Isabelle and the lil' Life family! And I love seeing pics of the catlets with the quilt too. That first picture cracks me up -- he (she?) looks like he (she?) is studying the toe-grabber stitches!

  11. I just love that it wan Anna that cat-sat for you. You are both so sweet... a good combo! I love the bows tied aroung the kitty and your daughter. You are clever, Isabelle. I'm so happy that a good time was had by all.

  12. How funny!

    I wonder what he DOES like doing?

  13. Well, his personality shone through so I suppose he got that bit right!

  14. Priceless! Laughed my way through this!

    He definitely has personality!

  15. I had to laugh at your comment about our son sounding like your brother. The post card story does sound so much like our son!!

  16. That sounds like a teen essay, explaining why he did not like sports in a ho hum sounding way, I am guessing it is too much effort on his part to participate.

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  18. I felt quite sad reading that, it felt like his life was on a huge downward spiral and the poor lad only 16.

  19. Priceless! I had tears of mirth over this one :) Poor lad, I hope he likes music and art.
    Mind you, that's how I feel about most sports too! LOL
    ( So when I read your last sentence I really chuckled)
    I do like swimming though...but there's nowhere to swim around here. Phoey!

  20. P.S. What? You're not sharing that gorgeous quilt with the catlets?? :)