Monday, August 03, 2009

A senior quarter of an hour

I had a list of minor tasks to accomplish this morning and got on quite well with most of them.

Did the dishes
Made the grouting in the bathroom look really quite good with Domestos Spray Bleach and a bit of scrubbing
Wrote some emails
Patted the cats
Put some washing out
Wrote a letter to Mr Life’s cousin, whose email doesn’t seem to be working
Looked out the receipt for the large oak frame which I was about to go into town to exchange
And various other fiddling-about things.

Then I set out up town to exchange this very frame, which has been sitting in the hall since I bought it on Thursday in mistake for the birch frame that Daughter 2 actually needs for the hotel she’s working on.

Distracted only by Cassie Cat - who tried to escape into the part of the house we don’t leave her in when we’re out, for fear that she should tightrope-walk along the top banister rail and fall to her death, alone - I left the house to exchange the frame. As I got to the bottom of the lane beside our house I saw a bus in the distance. I broke into a half-hearted trot and then decided that I wouldn’t bother running because another bus would be along in a short while. However, the bus driver saw me and obligingly pulled into the bus stop. He then waited while I sprinted – or to put another way, galumphed – the thirty yards or so to the bus, with the passengers looking interestedly on. I bought the ticket and sat down, warmed by his good intentions and also by having run for the bus.

And then I realised that I hadn’t actually brought the frame with me.

Are you, fair reader, the kind of person who would have got off at the next stop under the bemused gaze of this driver and about thirty-five Edinburgh citizens? No, me neither. So I went on up town and had a nice cappuccino in a bookshop before walking home. I hope that the walk offset the cappuccino.

I did remember to post the letter to Mr Life’s cousin. So not a totally wasted trip, then.


  1. There's so much to do these days before you can leave the house - it used to be so simple in childhood - loo, hanky, clean hands and face, and off we went. Maybe in our dotage and with a carer in tow, we can return to those uncomplicated requirements.....

  2. I think you had the right idea, going into town and enjoying your cappuccino in the bookstore. At least you accomplished one of your town tasks (mailing the letter). There's always tomorrow - and perhaps another cappuccino when you go into town again! I probably would have panicked and that would have got me... nowhere, except in a panicky state.

  3. No, I'd probably have been a wuss too. but it's just the kind of thing I'd have done.

    Writing a proper letter always feels like very serious and worthy work these days doesn't it?

  4. I'd like to think I'd have got off but no, I'd have sat there too. Would have made a great blog post for one of the other passengers though wouldn't it? Respectable Edinburgh lady galumphs up to bus, gets on, glows nicely for one stop and then gets off again.

  5. Oh no...

    I try so hard not to let things like that happen, but sometimes they still do. I hate it so much.
    (Just for the record... I would have got off the bus.)

    Hope you have another lovely day in town tomorrow.

  6. I need to break out of the comfortable rut I've nestled into and reach out to explore some new blogs. After reading this I've decided my first stop will be at Loth's, because, after mopping my tears of mirth at the mental vision of the diminutive Isabelle galumphing along for the bus, fresh gales of laughter seized me when I read Loth's comment! If you had remembered the frame in the first place the whole outing would have been boring and predictable! As it was, Cassie and the blogging gods were watching out for you, making sure you had some worthy blog stuff for our entertainment. I'm sure they're proud of you!

    Perhaps you would consider posting a video of your personal galumphing technique? I'm sure there'd be a lot of interest.

    Thank you dear Isabelle for the best laugh of the day....

  7. Oh yes -- Molly has made the request -- perhaps we could see your galumphing??? You always make me laugh dear Isabelle -- if I were to do the same thing, it would just be another ordinary, albeit frustrating day. You have the best way of finding the fun and value of every experience! (And for the record, I would have meekly sat there very red-faced for at least a mile or two!)

  8. Oh I enjoyed that .....sorry....I laughed loudly!

  9. I think I would have hopped off and just mentioned to the driver that I forgot something and rolled my eyes at myself, but I actually adore the fact that you went and had a soothing coffee instead. Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

  10. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Ooops. I would have done the same - to town and back just for the bus ride.

  11. I would have opted for the cappuccino as well. Nice to know I'm not alone as I quite often have moments like this!

  12. Yes! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.

  13. Yes! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.

  14. Agreed. When you've gone so far as to gallumphfff, and been waited for, best to just soldier on, make the best of the opportunity, and enjoy the day. Frames can always wait.

  15. Yup. Been there and done that. But I usually remember what I've forgotten when I arrive at my destination. Like getting to the shops without my shopping list. Luckily I live only minutes away from the shopping centre, so I can go back home for my list. What's worse is getting to the cashier and finding you haven't got any money. Thank goodness for mobile phones and husbands who are home at that time...

  16. I, like Gina, would have forgotten until I arrived at the store... and thought... what was I here for? Or, now, where did I put that frame?? And, like many, I did get a chuckle. You are such a lovely writer, and you bring smiles to many. :))

  17. NOT wasted at all!
    I think you had quite a nice time. And the Best Thing on your List was ( without doubt) The Patting Of The Cat.

  18. What a delight it is to read your blog.
    I think your decision to stay on the bus was a very good one. I hope I would have done the same and enjoyed a pleasant outing.

  19. I loved this! Such moments come to all of us, but not everyone owns up to them!