Saturday, October 17, 2009

An autumn walk

Our son came home for lunch today and Daughter 1, SIL and my mum were there too. Daughter 2 popped in and out with three friends she has staying: they're going to a university reunion. In the afternoon, Son, Mr Life and I went for a walk. It was a beautiful day.

The colours of the trees are picture-book perfect.

Looking towards Corstorphine Hill.
A bit further on.

Look at that leaf against the sky. Yum.

Some of the shades are more subtle.

Back along the main road.

Trees in...

... various gardens.

Nearly home - looking towards the Pentland Hills.

My hanging baskets still bloom away - no frost yet.

And the tender plants - not for much longer.

Will this Busy Lizzie still be in flower when we get back from Berlin?

Oh yes, Berlin. We're off there tomorrow and the taxi's coming at 4.20 am. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I should pack. I hope the weather's as nice in Germany.
How much German can I remember from my two-and-a-half-years of classes, which ended in 1967? I do remember that "to buy fresh eels" is "frische Aale zu holen" - I think that's the right way to spell it. You never know: might come in useful.
Back on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed that the plane stays in the air.


  1. Oh sigh! It looks just beautiful there! By my count, at this very moment, you're just on your way to the airport. I hope you have a fantastic time. I'm thinking you should know "Haben Sie salz und pfeffer?" and "Wo ist die Toiletten?" -- could be more useful than that eel phrase!

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  3. Lovely! Thanks for the photos of turning trees, I do miss that vibrant red. Have a lovely time in Berlin, if you're in Mitte, near Alexanderplatz & the TV tower (Fernsehtur), that's my sister's neck of the woods.

    So many English speakers in Berlin, I'm sure you'll be fine.

  4. Have a great time!

  5. Enjoy yourselves, and I look forward to reading all about it. My only 'visit' to Germany was a couple of hours at Frankfurt airport, waiting for our connection to Rome....
    You take such lovely photographs.

  6. Have a good time and take more snaps!

  7. I hope the eel phrase does NOT come in handy - I don't want to think about the sort of holiday which would involve buying fresh eels!

    If you do happen to buy any, please don't share the photos...

    Have fun!

    Lesley (who is not normally squeamish but who does not like the thought of eating eels!!)

  8. Have a lovely trip. Twenty odd years since I saw Germany *sigh*.

  9. Oh ISABELLE-NOT! Don't say things like that. Planes don't fall out of the air unless they are blown please don't put a hex on yourself and your fellow passengers by even THINKING such a thing. I'm thinking, lucky you, to be so close geographically, to the Continent with such a variety of different countries to see. As much as I love Australia, we are SOOO far away from everyone else..
    Enjoy your trip - I'm looking forward to photos. These autumn photos of your city are lovely.

  10. Ohhh, I miss Scotland even more than usual when I look at your pics. I hope you're having much fun over here. Berlin can be great fun when you're not distracted by something as mundane as work.

  11. Your fall is beautiful! :) Ours has quickly passed into winter feeling, at the moment! BRR. We've had frost the last two nights. Although, I should say they weren't too damaging frosts, as I still have plants alive in the garden.
    Also, I don't know any German, I'm sorry. :)
    Hope you have a safe trip!

  12. We've had a beautiful few days too....a gift, after several weeks of miserable weather.
    Your autumn colors are gorgeous! Everyone here thought the fall leaf display would be fantastic, but we were foiled by too much rain and wind. I kept waiting for a sunny day to go for a drive and take some lovely fall foliage pics, and what did I get? Nada! He who hesitates and all that...
    So I'm doubly appreciating you lovely photos.
    I hope your Berlin holiday is wonderful!

  13. Every City Break should include a culinary adventure . Something cooked , preferably . Squirmy eels , full of bones , may not be the ideal choice .