Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is hard

Overheard in college library:

Student: Can I renew this book?

Librarian: Has your course finished?

Student: Yes.

Librarian: Well, I’m afraid not, then. Not unless your course continues into the next college year.

Student: Oh.

Librarian: Sorry.

Student: But it’s a beautiful book.

Librarian: That’s nice. But I’m afraid we want it back.

Student: [Martyred sigh].


jkhenson said...

{sigh} how sad not to be able to keep a beautiful book... :)

Loved the iris photo!! :)

Fran said...

Oh, shame. When you find a student who actually liked studying a book, I think they should be able to keep it!

Stomper Girl said...

The phrase [martyred sigh] really had me giggling.

Warty Mammal said...

There's a kindred spirit.

Penny said...

Oh, I do sympathise with (?)her. I'd have let her renew it for a week, especially if you're all on break.

Small Town Girl said...

Harsh on the student :)
I would feel just as bad giving my "beautiful" book :)

Relatively Retiring said...

Oh, that's sad!
Life and librarians are hard indeed.

Jane said...

Know just how that feels!

herhimnbryn said...

Dear student, fear not. Go to another library and seek your book...