Friday, July 16, 2010

Radio nonsense

On the way home from driving my confused aunt to look round various retirement homes this week, I’ve been listening to the radio.

One programme was about marketing. Various marketing gurus were pondering the power of slogans. “And yet,” said one chap, “do you remember that cat food that had a great slogan? But it didn’t become a market leader.”

“What was that?” enquired another chap.

“It was called ‘Miaou’,” said the first man, “and its slogan was: The food that 99% of cats ask for by name.

Later on, I was listening to a recording of two oldish sports presenters who were watching the tennis at Wimbledon and chatting in an old-chappish way about how they’re no longer very good at tennis but just stand there, hoping that the ball will come their way. (There were sounds of balls being biffed vigorously.) “Look at these guys,” said one. “They tear about the court and yet they still have time to prepare their shots, unlike me.”


“They don’t do anything else, though,” said the other.


“What, you mean they’re not brain surgeons in their spare time?”



“I’d be surprised if there was one brain surgeon among them,” mused the first chap.


  1. One of our cats used to go mad for miaou mix - if we bought a packet she would demand it loudly and even try to help herself. I'd forgotten all about it, though.

  2. it is still a popular cat food in the USA ... i think their new thing is "meow-nipulating" ... i don't remember the last time i heard the jingle, but i DO know the words (including English subtitles - "i want tuna, i want chicken, Meow Mix flavors keep me lickin" AND "i like chicken, i like liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver" ... and the big finale - "MEOW!"

    well ... anyway ... that's how we spell kitty talk across the Pond

  3. Hope you find a good place for the aunt.
    The two old chaps on the radio must've been preparing their shots in the bar. :)

  4. You have much more interesting radio listening there than I have here. Of course, it could be because I ride to work with TheManoftheHouse and he controls the radio. All politics and nothing lovely. I'd so much rather ride to work with you!

  5. WE had a lovely advert on t.v. many years ago, for Whiskas cat food. A lady stood at her back door and called out "Whiskas!" in a sing song voice, and a beautiful fluffy cat came running up and jumped into her arms. I never forgot that, and to this day, whenever I call our cats (we've had several over the years) for their dinner, I call out "Whiskas" and they always come running! But they don't jump up into my arms :-(

  6. Cat food is undoubtedly a good thing, but it is VERY smelly! I miss having cats, but not the cat food.

  7. I not only know the brand "Meow Mix", but have bought it on numerous occasions. And I can also sing you the jingle that goes along with it! But I will spare you the horror.

    Am sitting here trying not to crack up because you call hitting a tennis ball "biffing". It's not working.