Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Car Teddy gets an outing

I'm frequently aware of the possibility that the passing reader might not find my grandchildren quite so endlessly charming as I do, so I thought - in the interests of balance - I'd post a couple of my less successful photos of them. Above, Grandson rather overdoes his effort to smile nicely for the camera...

 ... and here, Granddaughter can't believe that I'm going to take yet another photo of her.

So that allows me to slip in a couple of pictures of Grandson walking in the Botanics on Tuesday carrying his teddy - how cute is that?

This is Car Teddy. He's supposed to live in the car, for journey amusement, but got a little outing instead. And miraculously, he didn't get dropped during our two-hour walk in the gardens. After this walk, Granny was exhausted and Grandson seemed perfectly fresh. People kept enquiring if he was a boy or a girl. Maybe teddy-carrying isn't very macho.

As you can perhaps see, Tuesday was when summer began in Scotland. And ended. Today (above) was grey, with a chilly wind blowing off the sea when I met up with my friend Joyce in Queensferry. I would not have liked to be painting the Forth Bridge today (or, let's be honest, any day. I am not a person who likes a challenge).

Joyce is very involved in the community and, among other things, in the ongoing building of a cycle track. Again, I myself (being a wimp) would not care to be cyling over the carefully-constructed lumps, but I'm sure they'll be very popular with the young of the village.

Joyce indicates further lumps.

This looks like a nice safe ride but you can't see the precipice just to the left of the photo. Argh.


  1. Hmm, a girl? Nonsense! They don't have to paint the bridge quite so frequently now, I understand.... better paint.

  2. love seeing the wee ones. grandson doesn't look like a girl and everyone should carry a teddy, we would all be better off

  3. If I start carrying a teddy, would I look that cute?! Adorable

  4. He is so cute and doesn't look the least like a girl, silly people.

  5. Oh man, loved the granddaughter shot. Thank heaven I didn't have any coffee in my mouth!

  6. Just sitting down after having grand-daughter (now 7 months) all day for the first time. Wish I could post pictures (email me if you'd like one). How could anyone think N is a girl!

  7. The problem with car teddies is that they can disappear out of the car window when you're doing 70 on the M40. Trust me. I know.

  8. He is quite clearly all boy! *sniffs indignantly*

    I for one never get bored of pics of him and that's quite weird as I'm generally not bothered by random kids....he's very engaging in photographic form (and no doubt in the flesh too....).

    Lesley xx

  9. We had a one day summer on Tuesday too. I made sure to dig out one of my two summer tops for the occasion. All packed away again now. I think why I love these posts as inordinately much as I do is because they remind me of all the things I've already forgotten now that mine are ten and eight and coming at me with Ninja moves and dictionary homeworks. I did however learn quite a lot about the work cycle of bees today....

  10. Grinning at Fran's comment about car teddies disappearing out of the car window! I've seen a few items hurled from car windows by little people, usually shoes for some reason.
    Don't think twice about the 'passing readers' and their opinions of your photos - your regular readers are the ones that count and we like ALL your photos :-)

  11. Grandson is most definitely not a girl -- he looks very boyish to me. And Super Cute (along with granddaughter). I, for one. LOVE your cute posts about them.

    And on the teddy topic, both of my boys LOVED their teddies. Luckily I had their two-year old pictures taken with their teddies. Because shortly after TheFirstChild's picture with his teddy, he was on an outing with his childminder (I think you call them?) and Teddy didn't make it back home. I think I was more broken-hearted than he was. ;-(