Thursday, June 12, 2014

Craiglockhart Dell

We had the children on Tuesday afternoon. This picture gives a misleadingly motionless impression of Grandson.

Most of the time he was doing this.

and this. 

The retired life is pleasant enough but somewhat lacking in incident. This morning we cut the grass and then Cassie and I mooched around the garden for a while.

The alliums are at their best at the moment

and the paeonies are coming into bloom, which usually coincides with wet weather so that the blooms get ruined. Take your umbrellas with you tomorrow if you're anywhere near here.

Mr Life and I then took a walk in Craiglockhart Dell. This is land that used (200 years ago) to be part of the Redhall Estate, which belonged to the Inglis family, for whom Mr L's great-aunt (less than 200 years ago) was housekeeper in their other house some distance away.

This folly was built in 17-something. You can see the remains of sea-shells on the ceiling, presumably put there as decoration. We've seen this in other little buildings like this; indeed it's been done in the wee building put up to commemorate the Queen Mother at the Botanics, in her memorial garden.

We could have walked much further but I was feeling a bit weary so we'll come back another day. We were reminding ourselves what it was like with the thought of bringing the children here, but there were various sets of steps so it's not very buggy-friendly.

We didn't see the kingfisher or the deer but there were various people with big dogs. I can see that it's a highly suitable place to let big dogs run around  but Grandson is somewhat alarmed by dogs that are as tall as he is, so - we'll bring the children in a few years.


  1. What gorgeous flowers, and what a beautiful place to visit! No, you're right......definitely not child-friendly, and probably not old people-friendly either.

  2. I agree with Jennifer - stunning scenery alone wouldn't thrill the little ones! But you and your hubby should go back again on your own to enjoy it. I love going for walks with Ken in quiet parks, just the two of us. We don't get very far these days due to his breathing problems, but that's okay, we just find somewhere to sit until he recovers.
    Our mutual bloggy friend Sylvia (Linens & Royals) sent me a surprise in the mail - the book you mentioned some time ago "Edinburgh's Child". She didn't say where she got it, but had seen my comments on your blog and thought I'd like a copy of my own. I've only browsed through it a bit today, but am looking forward to losing myself in the descriptions of your city! Isn't that sweet of her? One of the world's Nice People :-)

  3. That is some pizza oven that Mr L i standing in!

  4. "Somewhat lacking in incident" made me laugh. Be careful what you wish for Mrs. Life -- lacking in incident is a beautiful thing LOL!

    Craiglockhart Dell looks like it's beautiful. I was trying to imagine where it might be from your place? There are so many beautiful places to visit there!