Tuesday, December 02, 2014


When Daughter 2 was on the train on the way back to London, she had a look at the photos on her phone. She found that someone had taken twelve similar pictures, of which the one above is an example.

Later, I too looked at the photos I'd taken, which included this one. 

I'm not sure that we need Poirot to solve this little mystery. 

Thank you to all those who commented on my previous post. Ah yes, smart phones; that's probably one of the reasons why blogging has diminished. I do occasionally read blogs on my smart phone but much prefer my PC. But then I'm a bit of a dinosaur. Does this mean that the bloggy thing is doomed to extinction, I wonder? Ah well. I'm sure someone will invent the next new thing and then, who knows? 


  1. You can never have too many photos of your slippered feet.......

  2. Photos of feet are better than photos of the insides of pockets.

  3. How does it happen that such young babes understand how to use phones, etc, while their oldies have such a struggle? Well, some of us do!

  4. Let him go for it. Show him the results so he may learn to focus properly.
    I would tell him he may take photo with your phone ( or daughter's ) but he should ask first. He obviously has been watching and NEEDS to know! Just watch he doesn't delete something important.
    He is delightful ( as I have said before. GD is also a sweetie and growing up so fast. )
    PS. I liked the sarcasm yesterday.

  5. Oh don't worry, I gave him the phone. I have a game he calls 'The numbers that fall down' which he likes to play with (though he doesn't understand the rules). He sometimes exits the game by mistake and just keeps pressing the screen to see what will happen. I sort of forgot he had it when I left the room but came back to find him composing an email to a colleague that started, '17?'. I don't really mind. His little sister shared a video on my Facebook wall last time I was home. Luckily it was just some local news story and not anything more exciting. I must remember to watch them!

  6. And he didn't need the manual!

  7. Dear little boy. Unless you know how to delete pictures, the evidence is always there.