Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fresh air and exercise

We drove up to Drumnadrochit on Friday, skirting the banks of Loch Ness (alas, no monster emerged, dripping, from the depths, shaking the water from its scaly humps) and met up with the others at the hostel. This was hugely more civilised than hostels were when we were young. Mr L and I had an ensuite double room - with a bath, o joy - rather than the single-sex dorms that I remember.

Then we walked most of Saturday in very pleasant weather, pausing at viewpoints (above),

walking through woods,

admiring sheep peacefully grazing, until we came to our destination -

- this waterfall. It amused me that, after plodding for six miles up and down hills, we all inspected the waterfall, said "Ah yes" or equivalent and sat down to eat our sandwiches. Because of course the destination wasn't really the point. The walking and the chats were the point.

Then we set off again

past more fields of sheep,

through this rather floral village, and back to the hostel.

The next day we walked along the canal and then the river at Inverness.

After that Mr L and I had a little detour to admire Inverness Botanic Gardens, which are tiny but pretty.

Then we drove home through the hills, which were purple with heather.

It was a lovely weekend in such good company. And when we get weather like this, with the sunlight making the colours glow in the clear air, it's hard to imagine a better place to live than Scotland. Though I may be biased.


  1. It's always the journey, not the destination. Looks like you had great weather for walking.

  2. Yes, the journey is often more valuable than the destination. These photos make me want to visit Scotland even more!

  3. Sometimes it's about the journey, and sometimes the destination is more important......as in an overseas trip, a long long long flight followed by a blissful holiday followed by another long long long flight home......

  4. It seems to me that your trip was a worthwhile venture that made a memory...clean air, friends, walking, beautiful scenery, chatter...sounds perfect.

  5. Love those pictures. I always enjoy a walk with a waterfall somewhere along the way and that garden is gorgeous.

  6. How beautiful! The pictures make me smile.

  7. I enjoyed that journey. Thanks. I especially like the Heather...it's my middle name.

  8. You have awoken Scotlust within me again. I haven't been since early May and I miss it so.

  9. Oh, MY! Now Scotland has moved to the top of my list... again. I do envy you the ability to walk so far. I keep telling myself that I must walk daily, and a little farther each time, but then life gets in the way... Nevermind, I will start with this resolve again today - Here dog, let's GO! excuse me, I am off.....