Friday, October 09, 2015

Sandringham and being the Queen

We've just come back from visiting my 90-year-old aunt in Norfolk, and the first day we went (as we so often do) to Sandringham, one of the Queen's little places. I thought most of the flowers would be over, but I tell you, she's got good gardeners who make sure that she has plenty of autumn colour. This is a tiny sample of it. Colchicums, above.

And Michaelmas daisies.

And fuchsias.

And hydrangeas.

I do love flowers.

And she has lots of Big Trees.

And a little sitooterie, where one can sit...

... and look oot.

And her house is rather fine too, though we didn't go inside this time.

Though we've often visited this part of Norfolk, we've never gone in the autumn before and it suddenly occurred to me to wonder if the Queen ever sees this lovely garden at this time of year. Of course, she has various other equally lovely gardens. But she mainly comes here at Christmas, as far as I know.

I felt quite sorry for her. For a short while.


  1. I quite agree....maybe someone sends her a wee snap? I am bugging the World Traveller for what I now realise is a sitooterie though mine would more like be wood, not stone. Must put colchicums on The List.

  2. maybe she sneaks down quietly for a quick weekend getaway ... knocks off early on a friday and barrels the ford fiesta down the A11 for a bit of country time? maybe?

  3. Being Queen must be a very extraordinary life. Not sure I'd want it...although someone doing the garden and the dusting and the shopping and the washing etc., might be nice.

  4. For all her lovely properties I wouldn't have her job for anything. Imagine living your life like she must.

  5. I have spent quite some time in Norfolk but have never been to Sandringham. I like the sitooterie very much. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  6. I have only been there once, in June. The lavender was wonderful at the Norfolk Lavender farm. We took a tour of Sandringham. Beautiful.

  7. Ah, I've wondered the same things -- does the Queen see all of her various estates at all the different times of year? Judging by your pictures of the flowers, they must be very beautiful gardens!