Friday, April 22, 2016

Tra la

So it's spring, and we went to the Botanics without the children and the rhododendrons are so beautiful.

And so are the daffodils.

And this cherry tree
 and this erythronium

and this pear, and lots more besides.

And then we had the children yesterday and today. Grandson had a go with the half-moon cutter with which Mr L tidied up the edges of the lawn.

And Granddaughter reacquainted herself with the properties of sand in the sand pit. Ah, lovely spring.


  1. I used to hate spring, and now I love it because of the wonderful flowers. My rhody is a late bloomer, so it's not even close to blooming. :) P.S. I have never heard of an erythronium.

  2. Places like your beautiful Botanics are a delight because you get the pleasure without the work and responsibility.

  3. So pretty, spring is my favorite season and it looks like it's beautiful in Scotland too.

  4. I just love rhododendrons - too thirsty for here unfortunately :(. I hadn't heard for erthroniums either, might investigate further they look lovely...

  5. Your daffodils are still at their shining best. Wonderful blossoms and rhododendrons too.
    Your grandchildren must love playing in your garden!

  6. Yay! It's spring there and your flowers are all starting to bloom. I love that you go to the botanics so often -- and more importantly that you share it with us!

  7. Heavenly spring. Not much blossom out here yet and we even had a dusting of icy sleet this afternoon but I know spring is here nonetheless! Lxx

  8. I do enjoy trips to your Botanic Gardens, thank you for posting about it. I am hooing that the Bluebells will be out when we get back to Argyll next month.