Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2017 commences

So: Happy New Year to all bloggy friends. Surely 2017 has got to be better than 2016. (Hasn't it?) Not that it's been particularly bad for our family - indeed, compared to so many people in the world, we're ridiculously lucky. But as for others... .

Anyway: in the final few days of the year, we walked in the Botanics with Daughter 2 before she (sigh) went back down south;

we visited Son and DIL with my brother and his wife and took Granddaughter the Younger out for a walk in the countryside where she lives (it was windy);

and after my brother and sister-in-law left this morning, I went into town on a bus, took this photo through the window, had a little wander around in the sunshine and thanked my lucky stars for living in a relatively beautiful and peaceful place. There were lots of people with suitcases who had presumably been here for the Hogmanay celebrations and were going home; and various other tourists who had for some unaccountable reason decided to come when the days are shortest and the flowers least abundant. It was sunny today and very pleasant, but if you were thinking of coming to Edinburgh I'd generally advise that you come in the summer or at least the spring or autumn.

And then I came home and began the slightly dispiriting task of taking down the Christmas decorations. But in a way it's nice to get the house back to normal: do a bit of dusting, shake one's feathers and look forward to spring.


  1. I liked my decos this year so they are still up. Down tomorrow or Wednesday I think.

    Did you see the Facebook "viral" post about all the good things which have happened in 2016. That cheered me up somewhat. Check it out.

    Love to you and all the Lifes. Lxx

  2. There is something depressing about all those "Good-byes" isn't there, and the drooping christmas tree, but I have developed some rituals to see me through. All the cards get written into the year list, so we know what we're doing for the next year, and the presents written there too. Then everything gets polished before it's put away, and then (for goodness sake, I must be crazy!) the oven and fridge get cleaned out!! Perhaps I am a little crazy, but it gives me a sense of completing before the New Year really gets underway.

  3. Sounds like a good ending to 2016. I can never wait until twelfth night so our Christmas was packed away (there's always a rogue decoration left behind somewhere) in the loft yesterday. Wishing you a very happy New Year.

  4. Ahhh Sweet Pam -- ANY time in your fair city is a good time. The other three seasons have their advantages, but Oh! to be in Edinburgh during the holidays!!! (A girl can dream ;-D !)

  5. I wish you and all your family and friends a very happy and satisfying 2017. I did not personally have a bad 2016, unless one considers politics which I am trying to avoid...I have been to Edinburgh twice, both times in June. It was so beautiful both times! A wonderful city!

  6. Happy new year Pam x

  7. Happy New Year!I will be coming some time, but I still haven't decided when. It wouldn't be winter though. :)