Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sunny day

Oh, what a joy it is to be a granny! We've often passed, in the car, the Gallery of Modern Art (Modern 2) and Grandson has remarked on these signs. He loves road signs and these, of a fox, a sheep, a goose and a squirrel, intrigue him. I assume that they're an art installation.

So the other day we went to inspect them and then visited the gallery for milk, cake and a little bit of art. The gallery used to be an orphanage, and Grandson walked round the building, imagining what the orphans used to do in the various rooms.
He was pleased that the children had a big garden to run about in.

You may notice to the left in the picture above, a black, um, thing which is also an art installation.

This proved...
 ... great fun. "It's a bus shelter," pronounced Granddaughter.

Then we went across the road to the other art gallery, Modern 1. "This," said Granddaughter firmly, "is a penguin." It was labelled Woman by Joan Miro. "Maybe it's a penguin that thinks it's a woman," suggested Granddaughter, unwilling to give ground.

"Or a woman who thinks she's a penguin," mused Grandson.

Then we had fun wandering around this artificial landscape, Landform by Charles Jencks: up and down the paths, examining  the ponds, considering how, though the land slopes, the water doesn't all flow down to one end.

"I like," said Grandson in an unusually poetic frame of mind, "the way the sunshine sparkles on the water. It makes it look like white emeralds."

And after a long time, we came home and, among other activities, they carefully painted the paving slabs with water.

They'll never remember any of this but I had such a lovely day with them.  


  1. Sounds wonderful.

  2. I thought it was a penguin too. They may not remember the detail but it will settle down into the rich compost of happy memories. I remember some very small details of my time with Grandma. Like the way she made ham sandwiches and her lovely blue spotty breakfast china.

  3. When they see your photos, perhaps they WILL remember.......Yes, such a lovely day!

  4. They will remember, especially if they have photos and your stories to keep those memories fresh. But even if they forgot it all, the imprint of such happy, well-loved days will remain permanent....

  5. So very special to be a grandma and to make those memories with them, for yourself too. Children have such a fascinating view of the world that it opens up our eyes to new ideas and perspectives. Glad it was such a wonderful day!

  6. They may not recall the details of the event, but I'll bet my last penny that they'll deeply treasure the love and experiences that they have shared with you. Thanks what we're for! Aren't we lucky!

  7. A wonderful day. I love the water landscape - just a little different.
    Definitely a ( female ) penguin.

  8. What a lovely day. As others have said, I'm sure these days will be stored in their memories of a happy childhood.

  9. I believe that your Grand-daughter is a fine art critic and I hope that you will be able to remind her of this at some point.

  10. Awww Pam, I'll bet they'll remember more than you think they will. They'll remember what a wonderful Granny they have -- who takes them to explore the world. You're the best Granny ever!!!