Monday, May 08, 2017

Sunny days

Another grandchild-heavy post - apologies, but at least Nanny and Gramps in Worcester will like it. We've seen a lot of the little ones recently, partly because there have been a couple of days off school - the Edinburgh holiday and then a voting day.

I took them to The Yard on Sunday. There is a working traffic light, which Grandson obviously likes.

And a large sandpit with water trickling into it. Granddaughter, who is a woman who enjoys personalising an outfit, wore her swimming sunhat.

What a good idea: leave paint and large lumps of cardboard around and let the children slosh about.

Another day we went to Cammo, a country park not far away which is just grass and trees and a ruined house. We had a picnic and a scavenger hunt.

She dressed as a flower fairy.

We had a visit to Dalkeith Country Park, which has lots of things to play on.

And they also enjoyed Granny's garden, with soapy water poured on the grass for splashing through,

while, later on, their Daddy pretended to be a crocodile.


  1. They always look so happy!

  2. No apology necessary, I look forward to your posts about the children! We don't have any more little ones, and yours are so delightful. I thank you for sharing with us.

  3. They are very fortunate to have you as grandparents; you provide exactly those natural experiences that kids love and benefit from,and not the worthy activities that adults think children ought to enjoy/learn from. Does that make sense? :) An example: my aunt, who took her very young grandchildren to the opera when they would much rather have gone to a kids' museum with hands on activities.

  4. It is always a pleasure to see your grandchildren. As Janet stated, they look so happy. I can't believe how long I've been reading your blog.....the oldest was just a baby. Enjoy this time to the max. Patty Mc

  5. Always sunshine when your grandchildren are with you! I really wish we had something like "The Yard" around here. It would be greatly enjoyed.

  6. What great things you have to do with the children near you. And lovely weather to do it in.

  7. I chuckled all the way through! "Personalising an outfit" Wonderful!! My DIL dresses our grandson in designer clothes most of the time, and I realised how difficult I found that when I picked him up from daycare and he was in op-shop clothes and covered in paint and sand down the back of his neck, and I was thrilled! I was a "Play Centre" mum in the 80s, and this designer gear just doesn't cut it! Your two always look so enthusiastic and happy. They're very lucky kids, and of course, you're a very lucky grandparent to be part of their lives!

  8. I LOVE seeing your babies -- who aren't really babies anymore. I can't believe how big they're getting -- and so full of personality. I love that they're so free and uninhibited! Looks like you've been having some beautiful weather this spring!

  9. Gosh they are growing fast! I love Grandaughter's rainbow dress! The Yard looks like the sort of place my boys would have adored at that age. Especially the traffic light!