Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Roads and things

Daughter 1  had a birthday last week. Happy birthday to our sweet girl, who copes so well with various difficulties that life has produced for her.

Last weekend, Mr Life and I went to an antiques fair, where we bought a non-antique road sign for Grandson to use in the garden. He hadn't been very well but was inspired to go out and put it in a suitable place.

He then drew a sign to go with it, to justify the 20-mile-an-hour speed limit. (This warns of loose chippings on the road.)

The next day he drew London's Tower Bridge from memory. Architecturally it's not quite right but I was interested that he remembered it at all. He hasn't been in London for over a year. He does love roads. And drawing.

And talking of bridges, we drove for the first time over the recently-completed new Forth Road Bridge to visit Son, Daughter-in-Law and The Unbloggable Baby.

There are wind baffles which impede the view somewhat but the bridge has the advantage of a hard shoulder so that when cars break down it won't be so much of a problem. Buses and taxis will now use the old bridge.

We went for a walk - here you can see Son carrying his daughter. She's very cute, as you'll agree. Sadly, she isn't yet very familiar with us but we hope that this will come as she gets older. We'll never know her as well as we do the Edinburgh little ones, though, alas.

And here are the ducks which rushed towards us when they noticed Son with duck food. They're very tame and really quite chunky.

I do hope that all American bloggy friends are safe and weren't affected by the hurricanes. How terrible for those who've lost their homes or their livelihoods. It is, as my granny used to say, a funny wee world.


  1. We came through it with few problems. Love the sign, your grandson is so interesting. To me he looks an awful lot like his uncle.

  2. Don't despair about your 'distant' granddaughter. I don't see my grandchildren very frequently, but we have a great relationship via Skype, telephone calls and hand-made cards (they are now rising five and just one). One year old grandson recently tried to kiss me on Skype and drowned the keyboard in enthusiastic dribble. The preparation and excitement (on both sides) makes visits very special and memorable.

  3. I'm pretty sure that's cousin/daughter 1, not 2 having a birthday...

  4. Haha -- Ali took my comment -- I was confused with the picture vs. the description, but decided you must mean DD1. Happy Birthday to DD1! You are wonderful grandparents -- what a perfect gift for cute little grandson. And thanks for the bridge update -- I was just wondering the other day if the new bridge was finished!

  5. Looks like you guys had an incredible weekend, always love checking out your blog. Thanks for the share!

  6. Photos are great! I would love to have grandchildren some day, ideally in my lifetime. I doubt they will live near me though. *sigh* We are fine here in (western) Washington State, clear skies in spite of forest fires around us.

  7. I don't think my attempt to draw Tower Bridge from memory would be anything like as good as his.
    All our roads have a 20mph speed limit now. It's almost impossible to adhere to, largely because of the people hustling you from behind to get a move on.