Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The lovely and the not so lovely

Saturday was a beautiful day and we went to East Lothian with our walking friends. We met this interested pony.

The walk was mainly flat, though this path went uphill for a while so that there was a good view in all directions.

The reflections on the water were very pretty.

But the main feature of the day was the woodland round Smeaton House, which was profusely carpeted with thousands and thousands of snowdrops.

When I think of the few little clumps that I've nurtured in my garden...

well, maybe in a couple of hundred years they'll look like this. So lovely.

Meanwhile I've nearly finished Biggest Granddaughter's quilt top, except that I decided that I should incorporate some triangles in one border and pretend to be a proper quilter.

I've practised, not very impressively, with some bits of old curtain lining. Clearly my accuracy isn't up to much. (Who knew?) However, after one rather better attempt, I've started to cut out actual fabric. I'm not confident...


  1. Be confident! You're doing good work...and finding lovely walks

  2. I love the reflections and the snowdrops. As a non-quilter, I am very impressed with what you do!

  3. Snowdrops!! I, too, have just one or two clumps in my garden. They have come up every year for the past 17 years, in the same spot, no more, no less. What a lovely swathe of blooms in that wood!

  4. It's such a pretty quilt, love the hedgehogs.

  5. Love those snowdrops! We visited a snowdrop open garden recently where I discovered there are 2500 named varieties (not all on show!). Your quilt is fab. And you're a proper quilter in my eyes.

  6. You can do it Pam! The quilt is looking great so far, and ggd is going to love those fabrics. I love seeing everyone's snowdrops this time of year -- I'm thinking I need to figure out how to get some in my yard. ;-D

  7. You are doing very well on the quilting front! The yellow quilt has a beautiful balance to it! My only suggestion for triangles is "Paper Piecing" - it's the only way I've ever been satisfied with my triangle points. Best of Luck!

  8. I love the photos of your walks. And your quilt is lovely!