Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saving money on peddlestools

I have a horrible cold - the kind that makes your eyes and nose stream and your teeth ache and your face look like luncheon meat. My husband has this cold also. In his case, it makes him sneeze a lot, and being a man he tends to give sneezing his best efforts: "AAAAaaaWHOOOO!"

Our son got it first and we're desperate not to pass it on to Daughter 1, who gets married a week today, or Prospective Son-in-Law (ditto, of course), or Daughter 2, who is one of the bridesmaids. Daughter 2 arrived home from university down south only yesterday and we're so pleased to have her back that we want to cuddle her all the time. But, being infectious as well as loving parents, we're attempting to restrain ourselves.

I went yesterday to order flowers for the wedding. One of the ways we're saving money is by arranging the flowers ourselves. The flower shop lady was telling me that she'd just got back from doing the flowers for a wedding in town - £3,500 worth! I nearly collapsed. Five arrangements each costing £600, plus table arrangements.

That seems positively immoral to me.

This is a very thrifty wedding we're having. Think of the £55 I saved on my bag and add it to the £3,400 or so that we're not spending on flowers. We'll be rich.

A nice spelling error: I was marking an essay yesterday about a play in which a daughter idolises her father. Or, as the student, wrote: "Cassie puts her father on a peddlestool."