Monday, May 29, 2006

Naked marking?

Further to my last post, perhaps I should add that slippers are not the only things I wear to mark. Believe me, that would not be a pretty sight. I tend to wear a normal number of garments, ideally suitable for dashing out to do the odd bit of therapeutic pottering in the garden when maddened by boredom.

The best scripts are either the very good ones - they don't require too much thought because they obviously deserve the marks - or the really terrible ones, which clearly deserve nothing. The ones I agonise over are the rather bad ones, which are so clumsily expressed that the candidate might have some idea of the answer, or might not. Do I give them 1 out of 4, 0 out of 4, maybe 1 and a half? Do people deserve some marks for simply finding their way to the exam room and spelling the name of their school correctly? As for candidates with unreadable writing... .

Of course, the ones I really really like are those who don't finish the paper. Oh, the joy of turning over the page and finding a blank sheet.


  1. Don't say that! I didn't finish my English higher paper. I cried on the way home out of sheer exasparation. However, I must have done something right. Come results time I was saying hello to Mr A!

  2. Oh dear, yes, I know I sound very mean. But I do mark carefully - honest. And I can tell from your excellent writing that you got an A for English! (I wonder if I marked yours...)

  3. oh i loved that last paragraph! finally, teachers telling it like it is :)

  4. I hope you're surviving the marking Isabelle! My thoughts are with you ;) I've FINALLY finished all mine, and I am very happy about it. I'm not taking anymore marking on for the rest of the year as I've got a PhD thesis to write! And if I miss it I can always live vicariously through you ;)