Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A brief post - and a pot

This pot is in my dining room and I really like it.

As a postscript to the previous post – I do hope everyone realises that I DIDN’T tell my class that the Second World War was between the Germans and the Jews. The apostrophes weren’t good, but the general sentiment was what really had me groaning.

I’m deep in marking, but the following gem seemed worth sharing – from an essay about whether prisons are useful as a deterrent:

“There are around 63,000 people living behind bars in Britain alone, costing the nation £37,000 per head a year. You don’t need to be good at maths to know that this comes to a total of £2,3331 billion a year.”



  1. These are college folks - right? That's just a bit scary!!

  2. I do love that pot!

    I dont know how you have the patience to be a teacher. I could never do it.

    It was hard enough to try to teach adult women about making dolls.

    Although on second thoughts, we had some 15 year old girls who did very well!

  3. And I love the pot too!