Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank you!

Oh, you are all so kind to send your suggestions about our son-in-law. I’m really touched.

I think he reads this, so shouldn’t really broadcast his problems to the world (but it’s a very select part of it, J …). He’s been on every medication known to man, including homeopathy, and none makes any difference, or at least not any good difference. He’s had therapy and the only one that helped (for a while) was Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, so he’s on the waiting list for more of that. And he does exercise, or at least he does when he feels well enough, and you’re all quite right: it does help. He runs and cycles, though I’m not sure how much he’s been doing of these in the last few days.

But many thanks for all your suggestions. I shall follow them up. And if anyone has had success with boiled nettles or vitamin E or cutting out sprouts from the diet … do let me know. All ideas gratefully received. It’s comforting to know that there are clearly so many people out there who’ve had experience, directly or indirectly, of depression – and survived. He’s such a lovely lad and has achieved so much in his life. (Yes you have, J.)

I wonder who it is that reads my blog in Dublin. Sometimes twice a day, which seems very unlikely. Unless it's two different Dubliners. Well, either that or one very bored one. Hello there, anyway.


  1. What a pity you are not down here. My friend is a cognitive behavioural therapist. I will ask her for some suggestions while he waits. I will let you know as soon as i speak to her.

  2. All these kind and helpful suggestions! I think depression touches everyone somehow, and one of these days there will be more funding and resources thrown at it. And the sooner the better.

    My suggestion would of course be tap-dancing. I'd love to claim that it banishes the black dog, but I can honestly say everyone leaves class with a smile on their face.

  3. I dont have answers, it is mystrious. I just hope he gets well again. I love your lilac, it is beautiful, & I wish we had smell with the view- if you know what I mean!