Friday, June 29, 2007


I realise that there are some people in the world who don’t like kittens, though I have to say that my Sitemeter shows a greatly increased number of hits since I started devoting my blog to Sirius and Cassie, the furry cannonballs.

However, I don’t want to become a total kitten bore, so above are some poppies...

and here’s another bit of my garden this evening. The weather has been cool and showery – nothing like the terrible floods in some parts of England, but nonetheless very unJunelike. My poor paeonies are hanging like limp handkerchiefs and my alliums are wetly drooping their big pompom heads.
Enough of that. Kittens.
Our pair spend their lives at the moment in our quite large kitchen and the adjoining dining room – which is also a living room. Theoretically they will keep out of the sitting room next door, since Daughter 1, Son-in-Law and my brother are all allergic to cats, which is a great pity since they all like them, particularly Son-in-law, who turns out to be even more allergic than we thought. Sigh. Anyway, we need a cat-free room. The twins’ litter tray is in the corner of the kitchen, and to access it from the dining room they have to go through the door between the kitchen and the dining room and turn left. They’re exceedingly talented at using their litter tray – how unlike 10-week-old children in this respect – but are often having such a good time playing that they wait till the matter becomes urgent. Then they rush through into the kitchen, skid to a halt using all four feet, just like in cartoons, slide to the left and take a flying leap into the litter tray, scattering the (clean) contents over the floor.

They’re very interested in new things but have a short attention span, so it’s a case of “Ooh, exciting! exciting! exciting! exciting! exciting! exciting! oh no, boring, boring.”

They love shoelaces, strings, boxes, climbing, warmth, cuddles, wrestling and sleeping.
What a simple life.
We’re having friends for lunch tomorrow so I must go and transform the house from a kittens’ playground to a stylish and elegant home.


  1. If I'm allowed to drone on about my toddler on a blog which is ostensibly about my art pursuits, you're certainly entitled to post the happenings of cute kittens. Kittens, after all, have nearly universal appeal. The same can't be said for filthy-faced children.

    Your poppies are lovely and your garden looks lush and fascinating. I do believe I have a touch of garden envy now!

  2. I love the look of your green grass & lush garden too. And those poppies are so pretty. We used to have some like that in NZ a long time ago.
    Those kittens are fascinating to read about too, so dont stop.
    What a shame your SIL is so allergic. My son is, at first but he sort of gets immune after a while. Which is just as well, as he lives with some people who have a big cat that loves him.

  3. Isabelle,
    I love your stories about your kittens... they're such characters at that age. Keep sharing!
    Your garden bench looks so pretty against your flowers. What a lovely yard you have.

  4. You do have a lovely garden. And I enjoy adoring your kittens from afar. There is a kitten-shaped hole in my life.

  5. How can anyone not like kittens?!
    I especially like that heads and tails picture of them on their cushion, and aren't they growing fast?
    Blue garden fixtures and fittings seem to be everywhere. Lovely garden.

  6. I love your garden--makes me think of that song "In an Engl-, oops, of course I mean Scottish country garden." I'm also envious. Of the ease with which you post picture of poppies, and daughter, and kittens, While I sit here, tearing my hair out , trying to post ONE picture. Love your kitten tales!

  7. Your kitties really remind me of mine! I remember that dash for the litter tray! I also remember constantly having to change the litter and constantly buying enormous bags of it. They always wait till you've changed the tray and got it nice and clean to leap in again!

  8. Love the kittens - pets be they cats or dogs make such a difference to your life - they give so much and ask so little in return.
    Your garden is looking magnificent - compared to our which is so dry at the moment.

  9. It was at about 10-weeks old that a kitten raced into the kitchen with a look of utter terror, being pursued by a running shoe. She had the shoelace clamped in her jaws, and was of course the shoe was bouncing along after her. She released the lace when my Dad and I hooted with laughter at this sight.