Saturday, August 04, 2007

Son and his friends

Son has been away being a student in a hospital at some distance. He has now returned. The cats were pleased to see him.

Cassie sat on his shoulders and Sirius washed his hair. Affectionate and helpful at the same time. Awww.


  1. Awww!

    Mine worked out how to open the rubbish bin last week. Not so much awww as ohhh god no

  2. Your son is such a nice young man! And those Kitties have the perfect family!

  3. Just had yet another return peek at the Mr Life helping series. The one with the little stretching cat is just adorable.
    When ours stretch out their paws like that, we call them paddlebats. That little guy is doing some very nice paddlebatting up the wall.

    I am quite sure that Son required thorough grooming upon his return, especially since he was possibly wearing an unventilated lab coat whilst away.

    So so helpful, those kitties.

  4. Isabelle,
    That's a great picture of your son and the kittens. The kittens don't appear to have a shy bone in them.

    Regarding your pkg... I'm sick about it and just hope some day it will turn up. I'll tell you what it was. I had downloaded the pictures from your blog site and put them into a digital album with lots of captions and embellishments. It turned out so cute. Lots of garden photos, several pages of inside your house, and several family pages (this was all pre-kittens).
    So, it's not something that would mean anything to anyone else. My return address was on it and it hasn't come back. So... it's traveling around the world and will find you someday... I hope.

  5. Oh, so very helpful! And cats are cute when they're affectionate.

    (PS - thanks for your vice-regal comment at my place!)

  6. Kitties are so cute when they are affectionate! Don't know how people can be cruel to them, do you?

  7. Kittens! :oD

    They are very, very cute. I did as suggested and enlarged the picture in your last post, and ended up snorting coffee through my nose! It's a wonderful picture, and it certainly made me chuckle on a slightly overcast Monday :oD

    Soulmate and I can't wait to get our own house so that we can install a couple of pudders... I wonder if we can get a couple of helpful ones.


  8. I can almost hear the purring - from all 3 of them!!


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