Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drama on the drive

You might remember that our son is very fond of a cat that lives near our house. This fine animal is known to us as Sheepcat, because of the largeness and woolliness of his person. Indeed, if there were ever a competition for Scotland's biggest cat, he'd have an excellent chance of carrying off the trophy. This is a photo from last summer, pre-catlets.

Sheepcat spends a lot of his time sitting on his garden wall, like a king on his throne, surveying his domain. Occasionally, however, he takes a stroll round the neighbouring gardens on a sort of royal procession.

Last week, he chose our garden. That, therefore, was the day that…

… the catlets met Sheepcat.

Excuse the rubbish photos - my hand was trembling with fear in case Sheepcat was about to eat our babies. Luckily, the catlets had put on their devil-eyes that day. This gave them confidence - or at least, this gave Sirius the insane idea that he could face up to The Incredible Fluff.

(You notice that Cassie then wisely vanished.)
Sirius approached. Sheepcat glared.

Sirius came boldly on. Sheepcat sat down and waited, tapping one enormous fluffy paw.

At this point, Cassie took advantage of the situation to approach from the left while Sheepcat was focusing on Sirius. Sheepcat suddenly noticed Cassie. You could hear him think, "Not another one!"
His head swivelled to and fro like a nodding dog at the back of a car. You could hear him think, "Whose head will I bite off first?"

Cassie seized the opportunity to retreat. Have you ever seen a kitten prowl backwards while facing forwards? Sirius tiptoed on to his doom.

Sheepcat rose slightly, narrowed his eyes at this upstart - this mad little mouse person - and dared him to come any closer.
Sirius came closer.

Then, amazingly, Sheep gave up. Routed!
He pretended to be simply bored, of course. He shrugged his shoulders, got to his feet and wandered off with as much dignity as could be expected of a giant cat who's just been stared down by a someone the size of one of his legs. And Sirius, who hadn't learnt to quit while he was ahead, followed him to make sure he went right away.

Which he did.
Later, I said to my son, "You still like Sheepcat, though?"
"Sheep who?" he said.


  1. Way to go Sirius!! This is so cooool. The shining eyes are glorious. And what a story...

  2. and to think you got it all on camera! Yay for Sirius!

    Poor Sheepcat, he used to be the one. Now he is nobody.

    In your house, anyway.

  3. Your catlets look like aliens in these photos, no wonder Sheepcat was routed. If no blood was drawn at the first encounter I predict they will become friends of sorts.

  4. I just laughed till I almost cried..

    Oh that is the funniest thing, Devil eyes indeed!

  5. That's one big cat!
    Looks like Ian Beale taking on Phil Mitchell. Your little kitty looked as though he was heading for a "shoved down the bogs" but he showed him!
    I love cat posturing. My cat chases off any that come over our fence which looks quite ridiculous as he's the most dainty looking thing ever. Obviously the other neighbourhood cats don't know that as they scarper quick smart when Harvey spots them.

  6. Very nice suspenseful tale!
    Sheepcat does look enormous beside the catlets!

  7. Sheepcat would look pretty large beside anything, mind you. I had to pick him up a few days before this incident (he was ill-advisedly lying on his side in the middle of the road - he tends to flop down wherever he happens to be if he thinks you'll ruffle his tummy).

    It was like holding a very heavy, very fluffy pillow.

  8. Sheepcat must have seen the berserker glint in Siruis' eye.

  9. Cute story with a happy ending. What better for a Monday morning.
    (That when I'm reading it anyhow).



  10. Oh. Is it okay if I feel a bit sorry for Sheepcat who probably just stopped by in the hopes of a nice scratch behind the ears and was met by the young interlopers! Poor old guy.

  11. What a wonderful story, photos absolutely great!! What wonderfully brave catlets you have!

  12. Sirius looks otherworldly with those glowing eyes! I think Sheepcat is bigger than my dog.

  13. That was priceless!! Sheepcat is huge!! Your cats are beautiful:-)

  14. Fantastic photos! Well done Sirius for standing your ground!
    Kim x

  15. Giggling as usual over the stories you create complete with photos!

  16. Too, too cute Isabelle! You're always so clever with the kittens. Hopefully, they'll soon be fast friends with Sheepcat!

  17. I told you they were TIGERS.

    Have you ever considered a change of career???

    Photo-journalism perhaps??

    And now, from our intrepid reporter, hidden deep in THE darkest, most dangerous jungle ......