Monday, May 05, 2008

Lovely day

Today felt like the first day of summer. It was a holiday (though not for everyone, eg poor Mr Life). In the morning, Daughter 1, Daughter 1's parents-in-law, Daughter 2, Daughter 2's actor boyfriend and I sat under the cherry tree in the garden drinking coffee and talking.

In the afternoon I gardened. Here's a pieris and magnolia stellata.



The front garden - little crab apple tree not quite at its best yet.


Even nicer tulips.

Here they are again.

And here's the pieris from the other side.
No profound thoughts today. Just flowers.


  1. Sometimes no profound thoughts is all that's needed. I feel like that today, too, as you'll see if you pop over. *yawn*

    You have a lovely garden! :D

  2. Your garden may not be very large but it is beautiful - thank you for the lovely photos of your flowers. The tulips are lovely. A few years ago, I planted some black tulips which actually grew. I persist but I am not known for my gardening skills. They were stunning, a sooty deep crimson - until Mr. Meghs' dog ate them! I was most irate! (And none of my tulips have survived since - a bit sad!) With quite strict water restrictions here in Canberra, our garden is of the "if it survives it stays" variety. All good fun though.

  3. Those flowers are profound!! I loved the photos. Ahh, spring! :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. ...just flowers. And what lovely flowers they are! Thanks for showing us your garden.

  5. Lovely Flaming Parrots! May Day holiday is the "first day of summer" for me still. Daisy chains were always an important part of May Day.

  6. And lovely they are....

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  8. Just flowers. But profound flowers Isabelle. And beautiful ones at that!

  9. Come and visit here!! We have quite a big area you can use your magic on! I love looking and enjoying - but I'm not a gardener.

    Your garden looks lovely:-)

  10. Hey Isabella,
    I agree no ords just enjoy the colours and the smell , looks like SUMMER!

    We just returned to Holland and are back from our journey to Swaitserland so please come and see our/my adventures and impressions.

    Bye greetings from JoAnn
    (Now in Holland)

  11. You obviously love gardening, Isabelle - the results of your efforts are splendid! Such brilliant colours show up well in these photos.

  12. Perfect! What could be more profound than a flower?

  13. So much beautiful colour! Perfect.

  14. I swear I can smell those blossoms.

    I did a series of paintings of striped tulips a few years ago.
    I managed to make them look very strange.
    Yours are very lovely.

    I just had a memory of May Day. I used to be in charge of making a wreath of flowers to decorate the Mary statue.

    I think I will work on my overgrown jungle this weekend.

  15. Flowers are so cheery and if everyone is happy then the world is a better place. Thanks for the visit to your garden.

  16. Those Tulips are such joyous riotous colours!
    What beautiful flowers. Who needs more?

  17. Isn't it hard to put into words how a bit of light and growth put such a spring into one's step? Flowers do it!

    Love that raspberry ripple tulip.

  18. Thank you for sharing the cherry blossom. So fleeting and so very beautiful.

    I'm sitting here in Canberra, looking out at bare branches and the brown remnants of the sunflowers. We haven't taken them out yet as the wild birds are still visiting to check for the last few seeds.

    At this very moment we have king parrots visiting, to eat the seed we've put out for them on top of the garden shed. They'll move over to the apple tree shortly.

    Blue skies and bird song .. it's a lovely morning. Thanks again for posting the flowers. You reminded me to stop and pay attention to what was going on outside.

  19. I envy you your garden. What's the name of the tree in the first photo? The park around the corner has one; its blossoms remind me of roses.

  20. Who needs profound thoughts when you've got flowers?
    Your garden is gorgeous! I love the color of those deep red tulips. And lucky you to have a Pieris!

  21. what a beautiful garden!! :) i love flower photos....i have heaps on my camera and they never look as good ON my blog ;)