Thursday, August 07, 2008

Digging and Wales

Can you see the difference? (Apart from that the cats have moved off.) Possibly not really, from these photos, but the second photo shows the result of my slaving away for days in the hot Scottish sun... well, it was warmish... for some days, battling with the jungly bit in the middle which (you'll have to take my word for this because you can't really see it) was mainly lily-of-the-valley with roots going down to Australia, and Solomon's Seal, which is very boring apart from briefly in spring-time when it's only fairly boring. So I've planted some nice new things: blue and pink delphiniums, yellow crocosmia (don't like the normal orange version because I don't like orange), pink sidalcea, dark pink echinacea in two sizes and blue agapanthus. They're a bit sparse at the moment because they'll spread (I hope) so I've put some busy lizzies in the gaps.
We've also had a tree surgeon to prune the flowering cherry, which was too big, and to remove the ceanothus, which was lovely when flowering but also too big for the space.
Re our Wales trip - amazingly, we have a couple of nibbles from possible cat-sitters. Isn't the internet wonderful?
Also re our Wales trip - an email from Daughter 2 reporting on emails to her from her baby doctor brother in Dumfries. Remember that the children are standing us this trip as a birthday present for Mr Life.
This is Daughter 2's email:

Hello there,
I've had three emails from a Dr. D.......... in Dumfries on the subject of him sending me a cheque for his portion of the Wales extravaganza. They were titled:

1. Money makes the Wales go round
2. Wales, wales, wales, could be wales, in a rich man's world.
3. Money can't buy me love. But Wales can.

To the second last one I replied - "PS - did I mention you are quite funny?" to which he responded : "Well no, but one just assumes. P xx".
L xx


  1. So those things were Lily-of-the valley roots?? I wondered what they were.

    And then all of of a sudden they disappeared. Then I read your post. Mystery solved.

  2. Your children always make me laugh Isabelle! And look at the catlets! They're so adorable. Do they ever venture outside of your yard? Your garden is just beautiful. If only it could be imported to our backyard!

  3. I'm in agreement with thimbleanna - your garden is beautiful.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. And now, if you are starting to feel withdrawal symptoms from the whole "digging stuff out of a garden" thing, there is a buddleia in my garden that makes we want to weep. It just. won't. leave.

  5. We should be so lucky, to have Lily of the Valley running wild!
    Your garden does look beautiful.

  6. The garden looks lovely but why did you get rid of those beautiful blue flowers? Were they the ones that would grow too big for the area?

    Re cat sitting - I wish I could send my 28-year-old daughter. She used to do this sort of thing when she was in high school, for people in our area. She absolutely adores animals, especially cats. And I'd do it except I'm having surgery some time soon and probably wouldn't be up to it by then. *sigh*

  7. I didn't get rid of the blue flowers, if you mean the lilac alliums. They'd just stopped flowering by the time the second picture was taken.

  8. Isabelle, your garden is beautiful! And its size is manageable! Mine is not!
    If you'd like a working holiday, I'd be happy to come over and cat sit while you come over here and do my gardening. How about it? I can guarantee you'll be happy with your little patchlett before a week is up :)
    Would you believe lily of the valley refuses to spread for me? Perhaps I should count my blessings, and be happy with the 2 tiny flower sprays I get each year.
    You're right about Solomon's Seal. It is rather boring. I used to want to plant some of it, but I don't anymore.
    I see your children received your sense of humour gene :)
    The holiday in Wales is a wonderfully thoughtful present!
    You have a really pretty living room. I love all that glass! Cute kitties too :)

  9. What is Solomons seal?

    I was going to write something witty about the roots of the Lily-of-the-valley being in my garden but Ms Dancer stole them........('ll have a word to her about my material, blah blah blah!)

    Have a great hol.

  10. I quite agree re 2012. Morris dancers and a couple of beefeaters will do just fine. I am also watching my taxes! You can always volunteer for the Highland fling! Me? Hmmm.

  11. You did raise a funny son. Don't tell him though - he doesn't sound like he needs a confidence boost!

  12. Actually, I like both pictures, but the terrace looks smart in the second one.

    We have bright red very big crocosmia, which is nicer than the orange.

    The love of Wales is the root of all evil. But Edinburgh rocks.