Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chuff chuff

We’ve been away for a week with the family in Wales , so that Mr Life could drive a narrow gauge railway train for a day. Here he is in his boiler suit.

That was his exciting present from the offspring, for his 60th birthday (which was in May). He was a very happy chap. They made him a cake with a train on it too.

We were staying in a holiday cottage.

Apart from Mr Life's train-driving, we also did other things, some in the sun... (I'd rather have stayed in the house above than our cottage, frankly)...

and some in the rain.

Our cottage featured quite a lot of stern notices.

(The elf we bought in a Christmas shop was a bit naughty.)
Some of the notices had PSs added to them – even though they were printed on a computer and the PSs could easily have been incorporated. For example, one notice gave a big list of what not to put down the toilet (we didn’t) and then added, as an extra little dire warning:

PS – using too much paper may block the pipes. (We didn’t do that either.)

Our catlets were looked after by some very very nice visitors. I’ll tell you about these some other time.

I’m looking forward to catching up on all your doings. Meanwhile I must go and fill the washing machine.
Back to porridge and auld claes (old clothes), as my Granny used to say.


  1. Oh, wow! I'm not a train enthusiast, but I'd jump at a chance to drive a narrow gauge train.

    The environs look charming, apart from concerns over excess paper.

  2. Snap! There has been a centenary here of the opening of a trunk line. We spent most of Friday on a train on a journey that would normally take us 30 minutes or so in a car - the train ride ended up almost 8 hours return. The next day our birthday boy had a cake - with a railway on it!

  3. What a fantastic present!! Maybe I'll take Fixit to Wales in 20 years time.

  4. Glad you all had such a nice time--- Mr. Life does indeed looked chuffed with himself!
    I'm busy putting two and two together here...Thimbleanna has been missing in action....You've had some very nice house sitters, about whom you promise to tell us later...Hmmmm. Are the two possibly connected?? If I've guessed correctly I'll take a bow, and you can all call me Sherlock!

  5. I just had to be nosy and check out Laura's comment - what a delightful daughter and how special both you and she must be.

  6. Mr Life looks as if he had a wonderful time - what great kids you have! I would also have liked to stay in that house....and those notes were a bit much, I think! I may have been tempted to add a few PS's of my own.
    Welcome home!

  7. Me again - I have just been to read Laura's comment - what a lovely girl she is, and what a wonderful Mum she has!

  8. Another train buff! Ken has wonderful memories of briefly 'steering' a huge steam train a few years ago, under the watchful eye of the driver. Has Mr Life heard of Puffing Billy? It is a narrow gauge train and one of Victoria's most famous tourist attractions.
    I have to chuckle at what you call a 'cottage' - looks more like a small mansion to me! As for the real mansion you'd rather have stayed in...well that's a bit like wishing to stay at Windsor Castle, isn't it? You can tell we don't have castles like that in Australia!

  9. Ooh, I think I must be an incipient train enthusiast!

    The cottage looks very nice, even if it was owned by fascists...

  10. That is the sweetest birthday present for their dad. I bet there are a lot of husbands and dads drooling over the fact that he actually drove a train. He does look like a very proud man. It was a little boy's wish come true.

  11. That's a present and a half! What a lucky dad! No wonder he was chuffed. Brilliant children :)
    Your 'cottage' looks gorgeous, but the owners are rather priggish, aren't they? Good for a chuckle though :) I hope the elf didn't get caught!
    Can't imagine what the punishment would be.
    Perhaps you could stay in the castle next time. They may be more relaxed there :)
    It poured rain here yesterday, but was lovely and sunny today. More rain and dreich weather predicted though...snow showers mid-week. Winter is setting in..bah humbug. Any frost there yet?

  12. My Mr. would also love that present! His home state of Pennsylvania has a very strong "Railroad" element in its history.

    PS - Go climb the Mound once for me, and I'll do an extra set of pushups in your honour.

  13. Lots of laughter here in Oz. Those notes, those notes!

  14. Glad to hear you had a good time. i think if I had walked into that house, with my less than gentle boys, I'd have walked out again. Unless of course, "don't sit on the sofa arms" means that jumping off them and pretending to be shot by your brother in mid-leap, over and over again, is okay?

  15. Hullo Isabelle, I am just returning your call.

    I wonder if that would be the Ffestiniog Railway. My eldest son, now in Sydney,used to work on the railway during school holidays. He is coming home for a visit next year and I would love to organise an engine driving day for him too.