Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This weekend

The sun shone on Saturday. It shone on my daffodils...

and on these bits of coloured glass. (I love glass.)

I took my mother to the Botanic Gardens. Not bad for nearly 87, is she?

This was the view of the Edinburgh skyline as we came out from having our coffee.

Crocuses dotted the grass.

The gates out on to Inverleith Row. I just love them: so delicate and shiny.

Back home in my more modest patch, I cut the grass for the first time this year and admired spring in all its exuberance.

The colours, after a dark Scottish winter, feed the heart.

The pink plum blossom doesn't really go with the yellow daffodils, but who cares?

Not sure why the hose is there. We haven't needed it for some time and it's not exactly ornamental.

Cassie watching the birds. She's not going to try to catch any, though. I hope.

I decided that some flowering currant would look good with the daffodils. I know it smells of cat pee, but I still like it. It's such a good pink and it reminds me of my childhood garden.

Another amaryllis is blossoming. I can never bear to throw them away, and yet they flower for such a short time and are such walloping great leafy things for the other eleven and three-quarter months. This is so beautiful, though!

On Sunday it was Mother's Day in Britain.

Daughter 2 gave me two lovely books - just what I like.

Daughter 1 gave me this sweet necklace - exactly my taste.

And our son sent these flowers - so pretty. I wish he could have sent himself as well, but he was working this weekend and lives too far away to pop home for a few hours. But it's lovely to be remembered. I'm a lucky person.


  1. I love how I get to celebrate spring and autumn simultaneously: I have been looking forward to your blooming garden.

    You mother is gorgeous, and so is that photo.
    My mother calls those amaryllis hippeastrum. Or is that different altogether?
    My favourites are the blue flowers, I'm assuming hyacinths. (?)

    Lovely post.

  2. Hah! (How do you make that sound when one is sucking in, in excitement?) I'm waving madly at Very Cute Mum! So nice to see her! It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day sweet Isabelle!

    Your garden looks so pretty -- I can't believe you've mowed already -- we're still a good three weeks away from a mowing. The flowers are beautiful -- every year I say I'm going to plant some daffodils and every fall I forget!

  3. So thankful for your spring photos! They brought me a smile this evening. :) We are to get lots of spring rain the next few days, and I will miss the sunshine... it isn't shining on daffodils, here, yet. Just the crocus. I love bits of glass, too! :) Thank you for the wonderful photos and happy mother's day! :)

  4. How nice - a day with your mother and gifts from your children. Happy (belated) Mothering Sunday, Isabelle!

  5. I enjoyed the photos:-) Seeing the daffodils reminds me we are heading towards Autumn over here.

    How nice to be spoiled for Mother's Day.

  6. Your beautiful hyacinths take my breath away! All your spring flowers are wonderful.
    Your mother does not look her age at all, she looks wonderful.
    Lovely children thinking of their lovely Mum.

  7. For a moment there I thought you'd joined the ranks of those tasteless persons who stick plastic flowers into the mud and pass them off as the real thing! What piercing colours your Scottish climate produces! Your mother looks very well for a woman of 87! Glad you were remembered so thoughtfully on mother's day.....

  8. I'm so glad that both you and your mother had a happy Mothers' Day.

  9. Lovely pressies! (And I have a copy of "The Bolter" waiting in my pile to be read - let me know what you think if you read it first!)

  10. Lovely happy photos. Your way of life always seems so elegant to me.

  11. Sounds just perfect. Your garden is looking a lot more colourful than mine at the minute!

  12. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Gosh, you mowed already! Every time I speak to someone back home they tell me how cold it has been.

    But spring is a lovely time of year - I suppose I do miss it a little bit. Hopefully there will still be a bit of it left when I get home?

  13. Your Mum and your gardens (yours and the Botanic gardens) are all lovely!