Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red in tooth and claw?

There's a lot on the news at the moment about alleged police over-reactions to demonstrations in London, with photos used as evidence. I have no idea about the rights and wrongs of what happened on that day, but I wonder what you think of this photo? Is Sirius about to eat Cassie?

No. He was yawning.

He does look fierce, though, doesn't he?

Pictures can lie.

I had a nice second week of holiday: various meals / coffees with various friends, three choir rehearsals and then our concert last night. I'm really too busy for this work thing... which starts again tomorrow. Sigh. Sulk.


  1. I think Sirius is yelling at Cassie to get off his foot. And stop trying to sneak a pawful of the cake while she's at it. Glad you had a nice holiday and I'm sure you will be so chilled out and relaxed that you will glide serenely through your return to work!
    PS Was going to do garden today, but weather so nice, went to park with children instead. I still think I made the right choice!!

  2. Cat yawns do look rather frightening.

    Security folks need to take themselves far less seriously, they've become the danger they claim to fight.

  3. How long until retirement, Isabelle? When it finally happens I think Thimbleanna and I, and any others who are willing, should take you in hand and make a quilter out of you! Don't leave it too long though as they might not let me out from the Home for the Seriously Bewildered, [unabashedly stolen from Rise] if you wait too long!

  4. moreish. what did you sing and how did it go?
    I am just home - in person, but not yet in spirit.

  5. Anonymous11:04 am

    I bet you didn't even photoshop that cat photo...

  6. Ha ha! I always knew that teachers were just as bad as their pupils (probably worse) about Back to School!!

  7. Ooooh, I'm right there with Molly! We'll have a little "Make Isabelle a Quilter" Retreat in the Highlands or somewhere beautiful.

    And we won't let Sirius make menacing gestures at Cassie while we're there. You should have stuck a piece of cake in his mouth while it was open ;-)!

    Oh, and I sulk every Monday. Care to join me?

  8. Even when you are retired, it is sad to see a holiday end.

  9. By now you will be back at work. Hope it wasn't too hard returning.

  10. Sigh and sulk indeed -once you're back though it's usually ok. I think you made your point about photographic evidence v well there with the use of your cats ;)