Monday, July 20, 2009

Et in arcadia... spelling mistakes

See what the Lady Chapel in this Devon church is set aside for. Alas.

At least they're not offering "leafets" about it, as in my previous entry.


  1. tut tut

    I'm pleased to see that it's not just me afflicted with a permanent grammer/typo spotting condition. I proof read menus - spotted 2 "there"s which should have been "their"s over the weekend alone. It's harrowing....sigh

    It doesn't stop me leaving errors in my own posts left, right and centre but I do spot them the next time I read through them and cringe so I'm consistent at least!

    Lesley x

  2. I've always considered myself a quite and private person.


  3. It is quite deplorable! Sometimes I despair, but not quietly.
    Across the road from me a house is for sale. Its notice says the design has been 'enspired' by Tuscan 'villa's'.
    I pulled out a biro and corrected the notice, but actually needed a big thick black pen to make the corrections visible.

  4. J feels that while this new direction for the blog is both educational and entertaining, there haven't been any pictures of cats for a while...

  5. You are quiet right - oops quite right!

  6. tsk! Did you point it out to them?

  7. Arrrggghhh. Why don't people proofread before they put up signs for all the world to see?

    Obviously this is one of my pet peeves!

    Okay... I'll be quite about it now. haha.

  8. Does it say something about me that I am so used to seeing such spelling errors that the random capitalisation is almost annoying me more?

  9. I had to take another look before I realised what you were getting at here...duh! Like your other readers, I am a compulsive spellchecker/grammarian when I'm reading anything. But you will probably think 'stupid twit' when I tell you what really offended me about that church notice. The bit about keeping the door closed to keep out birds and animals. What happened to "All Creatures Great And Small etc."? Still, I guess it wouldn't do to be kneeling next to hedgehogs and badgers...

  10. In reading the comments I realise that I am in good company. I get so infuriated by the poor spelling these days, and even more so by the attitude that "it doesn't matter". What is happening to the English language.

    Like Lesley, much as I hate typos, etc. it doesn't stop my fingers having a mind of their own, and when I detect a mistake AFTER I've posted.....grrrrrrr!

  11. I can sympathize with honest mistakes, but I'm impatient with those who don't care whether they're butchering the language.

    Alas, I suspect the person who created the sign falls into the latter category.

  12. Oh dear!
    You're quiet right! It's appawling speling! ;)