Monday, August 17, 2009


So we took our boy his cake. We saw the flat where he’s living in Glasgow.

Then we all went to the Kelvingrove Museum in the pouring rain and saw lots of creepy heads hanging in mid-air

and Homer

and some Scottish paintings including this one of Kildonan on the island of Arran (it would look very nice on my sitting room wall) and then we came home.

And it was a nice day but afterwards we were very sad. And are still sad. But will just have to get used to it.

It must be easier to be a cat having a relaxing nap in a supermarket bag.


  1. At least Glasgow is closer, day-trip-able is a definite improvement. Glasgow is on my short list of UK destinations when we try to move across the pond: way closer to Edinburgh, but a new city for both of us to discover together.

    I thought those heads were purple balloons, and thought "how festive!", they are decidedly disturbing once the eye resolves that they are disembodied heads!

  2. ah, Kelvingrove. I did enjoy going there.

    But don't be sad. He's so close, really. Just that short little trip away, and you can get there so quickly, and he to you.

    Life would be easier as a cat in a bag, but I would miss quite a lot of things, like reading and swimming, were I a cat.

  3. Cat not out of the bag.

    Sad? Proud, sure. Happy for him, I assume. Let that grow over the sad.

  4. Don't be sad. He's closer than you think. AND you took him a cake decorated with chocolate buttons, you are a lovely Mum.

  5. Please forgive me. When I saw the suspended heads, I assumed they were in your son's apartment and that was why you were sad.

    I know better now, of course, after reading the post more carefully.

  6. As mother of two sons I always had the belief that you only ever have sons on loan - you know the saying - a daughter's a daughter for all of her life - a son's a son till he takes a wife - (or an all embracing career). Anyway I guess I mentally prepared myself all their lives so I would be able to let go with some ease - and I did - and guess what they're closer than ever before. And to me it sounds just the same for you - you've encouraged him to develop in every direction he wants as a person and he appreciates and values that so you'll always be right up there for him - and as someone who's been away from her some of her immediate family for the last 26 years - distance makes no difference when you really care about one another. Z xx

  7. I feel your pain. I'm just hoping I don't embarrass myself in two weeks time when I drop my baby off for her first day of school. I can't believe it's come round so fast.

  8. Awww Isabelle, don't be sad. I hate it when you're so sad! I love what Zanna said in her comment. Hopefully now that Dear Son is closer, you'll be able to visit more often. Lovely Cake!

  9. I feel sad for you, and know what it is like. I hope you can see each other frequently, and keep baking him lots of cakes.

  10. A sad week! The visit of the son who is farther away than you'd like, and school/work starting soon! I hope the cake (which made my mouth water it looked so delicious!) took the sting out of it all. :)

  11. Bloody kids eh, taking your cake and tugging at hearts strings willy nilly like that....bah!!

    That's never Homer Simpson - he's yellow!

    Hope you cheer up soon.

    Big kiss.

    Lesley x

    Ps. Just read Warty Mammal's comment - ha ha ha ha - I sort of thought that too!!!

  12. I must say that I would rather like to have those heads hanging from my ceiling. Make a change from the cobwebs.

  13. Undoubtedly, being a cat, would be infinitely less 'hurting' than being a parent...