Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three gardens

Last weekend, Mr Life, Daughter 2 and I went (as we so often do) to the Botanic Gardens.

Look at these tulips (mainly) - a burst of cheering colour.

Wallflowers and tulips lining the path to the big glasshouse. What a wonderful scent wallflowers have. They smell of spring.

Our little blossom. (One of them anyway.)

This is my garden today. Rather smaller - very small, in fact - but I love it. The cherry blossom is falling like pink snow.

I have tulips too, though they're just about over. The herbaceous plants are growing almost visibly.

Look, they're bigger already. Sirius watches them suspiciously.

This afternoon, Mr Life and I went to Malleny, a National Trust garden not far away. It's not particularly big - 2 acres, maybe? - but peaceful and soothing. Like my garden, it has lots of herbaceous plants that aren't at their best yet but are stretching themselves in the warm air.

More blossom, this time (alas) without Daughter 2, who's 400 miles away.

This is one tree with several trunks, like giants' legs.

I love trees: the variousness of their shapes and all the different greens.

Heard on the radio today - from a survey form:

Occupation: Sculptor of stone lions.

Detailed description of job: I chip off all the bits of stone that aren't lion.


  1. Beautiful pictures Isabelle! I'm going to have to go look up what a wallflower is -- I don't know that name!

  2. I enjoyed your photos - you will have to come over and do some gardening for me!

  3. I always enjoy your spring photos!

  4. I love all those photos of the gardens, but I love the job description even more. Pure amusement.
    As we head towards winter, the only flowering plants in my tiny garden are the Japanese anemones and osmanthus.
    Your human blossom is so lovely, isn't she.

  5. Garden and daughter looking good, Isabelle. Haven't seen any wallflowers for sale for ages, must look for some.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Thinking of your daughter that far away just makes my heart ache for you. I do hope she's happy where she is, though.

  7. I have heard that sculptors just facilitate the escape of their creations from inside a lump of stone!

  8. It is years since Ken and I wandered around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Seeing these beautiful photos made me think of them, and decide that we should visit ours again. After the rain we've had here, our Botanical Gardens might be as green as yours!
    Your own garden might be small by your standards, but is charming nevertheless. And after another look, I don't think it is so small anyway. Seems to be lots of lawn area as well as lots of garden.