Friday, May 13, 2011

A lovesome thing

Well, Blogger was a bit absent for a while, wasn't it? At least it was absent from here. And when it came back, it had eaten some of your comments. Oh well. Here are some photos from our trip last Sunday to lovely Branklyn Gardens in Perth. There's Daughter 1 with her bump and her husband, Mr Life and Son and my mum. She's not really disabled, but gets tired walking very far so we have a chair for these occasions.

The colours in the garden were spectacular. I love meconopsis, which clearly flourishes there, and there were rhododendrons and azaleas in rainbow shades.

And white.

Look at that blue!

Mouthwatering. Don't plants feed the soul?

I must go back sometime and see what blooms in other seasons.

Who are these people? Happy birthday to Son-in-Law, by the way.

I'm not purple's greatest admirer but I like it here.

And I don't like orange at all - but I might make an exception for this.

Trilliums in large quantities.

Then we went and inspected the house that Son and his fiancée were about to buy (and have now more or less bought). This is the view from the front garden.

And this is the house. If it were about 60 miles nearer here I'd like it better, but it's much better than London, where Daughter 2 is. Except that she isn't at the moment; she's on a train and we're about to leave to collect her at the station. But on Sunday, alas, she goes away again.

Have a good weekend, bloggy friends. Tomorrow, Son and his girl are coming to Edinburgh and we'll all be together (except Daughter 2's actor fiancé) having lunch at a hotel in town with Mr Life's aunt, uncle and cousin. Which will be good, except possibly for the waistline.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!

  2. I love those spring pastels and the mecanopsis is spectacular! Imagine being able to grow it. Have you tried it in your garden?
    Lovely family photos, especially the 'silly' one :)
    I've been having problems getting photos into Blogger via my usual method (Picasa). It's frustrating to say the very least!
    How nice that son and fiancée's new house has an established garden.
    I always enjoy catching up with you.
    Sorry you're finding life a wee bit stressful lately with mum's calamities. It's good though that you always manage to see the humour in a situation. I think that's what gets you through :)

  3. Gorgeous plants, food for the soul! Blogger really hiccuped didn't it? But I discovered you can backdate posts which was helpful for the photoblog so didn't miss a day. I have a love/hate relationship with Picasa, mostly hate :(
    I'm going to be a granny again, it's happening in Wyoming, but there you are.......

  4. Lovely photos, Isabelle. Blogger was certainly AWOL yesterday but my comments have come back now.

  5. Lovely pictures! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hello! :) So happy to be able to comment, now! I tried on the last few posts but Blogger was rude and wouldn't let me! You'd have had 21 comments! :) I tried to get an email address, thinking Thimbleanna might have it, but alas. I love the flowering colors! :) What a wonderful looking house that your son is buying! And everyone seems to be enjoying the gardens in the photos. Hope the sunshine and plants (and Daughter 2's visit) brought you smiles.

  7. I quite like blogs that just post a series of pictures of the outside sometimes. It makes me feel I've been for a walk in the countryside when I haven't moved an inch.

  8. beautiful pictures! Wish I could see a meconopsis for real. They look wonderful. Did you know there is someone in Corstorphine who has gentians in his garden? I saw them on my walk.

  9. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. Love your photos,and plan to catch up on all your posts. Trillium is truly a magical flower. And I love purple!

  10. Oh, what a great post. I love that your family just pals around together and has a good time outside, that's so neat-o. I am in complete love with those orange azaleas! Want! Need! Love! I have just the spot for them in my garden....

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  13. Sorry about those last two comments that I messed up..between Blogger and my ancient PC I managed to post one word - twice. Grrrr.
    Lovely photos, beautiful gardens and charming family snaps. You sound much happier now than you were a week or so ago - so am I!