Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dr Neil's Garden

Yesterday, Daughter 1 and I visited a garden. It's on the shore of Duddingston Loch and at the foot of Arthur's Seat. It looks as if it's in the middle of the country, but in fact the loch and the hill are within the city, towards the east.

The garden was made in the 1970s by two doctors who lived and practised not far away. It was just grassland when they took the land over.

Here's Daughter 1 sitting on a bench. You wouldn't really guess that she's due to give birth in 12 days.

Looking towards the university area of the city.

Looking up towards the hill.

Typical Edinburgh midsummer weather...

The tower to her left was built by the local curling club as a clubhouse. (Curling as in pushing stones across the ice, as opposed to tonging one's hair.)

Yes, you're right; it was about to rain.

Looking over the garden wall. I believe the Irish might call the weather "soft".

Again, looking over the wall at the ducks, Canada geese and rabbits. They looked bigger to the naked eye.

Tomorrow I go back to work for my very last Monday. No more Monday morning feelings for me.


Poor Mr Life labours on for another nine months. Not that he exactly grudges me my retirement. Do you, Mr Life? No, of course not.

Book a flight over, Molly, to give me those patchwork lessons?


  1. On first reading I thought you said "Canada geese and hobbits."

  2. Ohmygosh -- Where's the baby? Can you see him when she stands up??? She's certainly looking beautiful. And I can't wait until you show us your retirement patchwork creations!!!

  3. Oh, but just think of all the garden strolls you will be able to enjoy. When I am next in Edinburgh I must check this out. My trips there always seem to be so rushed (as in a daytrip from Glasgow) that i miss out on some of these hidden gems.

  4. Funny you should mention Arthur's Seat. I just finished reading a novel in which it had a small part!It was called "One Day" by David Nicholls and was part of something called World Book Night over your way, [brought to me by the Blister, bless her.] Have to dig my way out of the pile of unfinished quilting projects before I can take the show on the road!

  5. "Yes, you're right; it was about to rain" - that line made me chuckle!

  6. Soft rain is not always ugly.
    D1 looks very attractive in her mother-to-be status.
    The garden is surely beautiful.

  7. Daughter 1 looks as though the baby is very tidily tucked away. I suppose we in blogland ought not to feel news is imminent for another couple of weeks. (My babies were all quite early, but my daughters' babies were slightly overdue, and this does nothing to soothe grandmotherly nerves.)
    Lovely photos, as ever.

  8. "No more Monday morning feeling...."

    Funnily enough, I still sometimes get a phantom Monday morning feeling, but then I realise I don`t have to rush off to work after all. That is a good feeling!

    Your daughter looks very well and serene. I hope all goes smoothly for her. An anxious time but so amazing when you meet your grandchild for the first time. Perfectly timed for the beginning of your retirement too!

  9. Anonymous11:06 am

    So now you're retired. Wow. And about to be a granny. Extra wow. Enjoy it all - and the quilting! Cheers, Ruth

  10. thanks for your posts Isabelle - I haven't yet worked out how to rpely to comments on my blog so I'll have to write on yours! great to hear all about what you are doing at work and remember you must let me know how daughter 1 gets on.. I am typing this in a very dingy internet cafe, i mean the light is dingy so I cant see the keyboard so hence mistakes. All is well, the kids are great, but i think the othre volunteers think I am a reactionary old fogey cos I don't accompany them out to clubs to go drinking and complain about the noise. Hopefully, the weekend will bring me some more old fogeys to hang out with. Have a good last day at work! Lots and lots of love Deb x

  11. Frogdancer - I can see the hobbits, can't you?