Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waiting for the baby

Thank you for those helpful flat-letting comments. We're considering them all.

Well, has Daughter 1's baby arrived yet? Hmm. Not as such. Here she is, this afternoon, sitting in our garden finishing his blanket. We're hoping that the reason for his lateness is that Baby is an intelligent chap and realises that, though the knitting is finished, with this particular design there are lots and lots of endy bits to weave in before the whole thing is actually, finally, totally ready.

No, there are still some endy bits that don't show up in this photo. Indeed, she went home with some endy bits still in evidence.

However, after that...

Meanwhile, it's a nice sunny day and my tuberous begonia is doing well.

As is this fuchsia.

And Cassie's not bothered.

As you may guess, it's Daughter 1 who has changed the design of my blog, since I am a weak and cowardly - not to say incompetent - person. Thank you , Daughter 1. It does somewhat give the impression that it's all about the cats' lives, but... well, that's not so far wrong.

Now: maybe tomorrow?


  1. Best wishes to all! That's a lovely blanket she's made - a modern design for a brand new boy. :)

  2. Not long now...

    I like the abstract design on the blanket. The baby blanket of coloured squares that I knitted before Big Son was born is still on the back of my chair. Twenty seven years old and still keeping us warm!

  3. Fingers crossed for you all! Lovely blanket.....And I must say your flowers,make me envious! It is well nigh impossible to keep flowers alive here this time of year as it's sooooo hot and I have such brown thumbs.

  4. This baby is determined to make his own mark on the world. Wonderful blanket there - looks like hours and hours of work. I wonder how many? But perhaps no one counted? I never do when I make the granny square blankets.
    And your garden looks fabulous. That fuchsia is superb.

  5. I can't tell you how many hours, but I had been knitting it since the 12th of February. So it took quite a long time!

    The ends are now woven in. Hear that, baby?

  6. I recognize that blanket! Lovely colour choices.

    I am suspicious of due-dates. My cousin's baby was due on August 10th, and she delivered a very fully-grown (6lb) looking "preemie" yesterday. Meanwhile your daughter is 10 days past due!

  7. I'm sure cats think the change very rigt and proper. Blanket is lovely, what a great design. Sympathies to Daughter1, my daughter was very 'late' (they said she was overcooked when she arrived!) and I got so fed up with everyone asking - and mother-in-law going on about not getting dates right. Hope it all goes well.