Monday, August 08, 2011

Grandson mainly sleeping

The weekend featured a lot more adoration of the Grandson because he's so delicious. SIL keeps putting him in this hat because he thinks it makes Grandson look like a little fisherman. We suggest that it has more of a gnome-like effect (a very lovely gnome).

Grandson napped on Mr Life.

He and Daughter 2 cemented their relationship.

SIL cuddled him while Daughter 1 took the opportunity to knit some (more) socks.

Grandson then took a nap on my knee. Daughter 1 was kneeling beside me and I couldn't resist the urge to take some of her very long hair and drape it round Grandson.

"He looks like Rab C Nesbitt," said Mr Life. (If you're not Scottish, you probably don't know who this is. Be grateful.)

I can't be having that, so I tried again. Better. He doesn't look his best with his face all squashed. Neither would the rest of us.

One shouldn't take advantage of innocent children. Sorry, Grandson.


  1. Grandson, milky dribble, squashed face and all, is still a sweetie-pie! LOL

  2. I prefer the hat to the hair look. He has grown quite q bit since his first photos...obviously an actor in the making....not sure you should be encouraging that ....knowing how you feel about future job opportunities.I am now looking at your photos with greater depth to see if I recognise the surroundings and I do in lots of them.
    Hugs from Ali.

  3. Sigh. He is just gorgeous. I need to cuddle a baby again. But I fear I may be viewed with some suspicion if I went looking for one, wouldn't I..... I may have to wait till my children present me with another grandchild. That may be a while.

  4. Last one he looks a bit like Queen Victoria. As many babies often do, when they aren't looking like Winston Churchill.

    He is rather gorgeous, though, isn't he?

  5. What a little doll! I think you should stick to the hat pictures though. It's so fun to see all of you having so much FUN!

  6. Hello Grandma Isabelle! I've been so slack about visiting this summer and have missed so much! Aren't you and Mr. Life the lucky grandparents!!? The new little one is so adorable, and yes, draped in Daughter 1's hair, looks exactly like Rab C. Nesbitt.
    Just kidding :) No one could possibly look like that! Especially an innocent babe.
    Mr. Life, bite your tongue!
    Such exciting goings on in your life, Isobelle...retirement, a new grandson and a wedding coming up!
    Those riots were horrible indeed. People can be so stupid, can't they? Mindless cretans.
    I hope you get some bright, sunny days before summer is over. Sounds like your weather has been much like Germany's.
    Pats for the kitties.