Monday, February 20, 2012

Little walk

Oh what a joy a little baby is. Here's ours, arriving for lunch yesterday.
He has such smiley eyes. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Nanny and Gramps!
Today, Mr Life and I went for a wander along the Water of Leith from Stockbridge to the Dean Village.
You wouldn't really think that this was half a mile or so from the middle of the city.
This bridge carries a main road into the centre.
There were once mills here, using the water.
On the way back, we passed the Oxfam bookshop (always fatal) and a shop which sells flowers and rather serious wine. I always have to buy anemones when I see them. We didn't bother with wine.


  1. Oh, I love it when you post photos of the baby. I feel like we're watching him grow, right along with you. What a little cutie!

  2. Mm, £6 vanished into Oxfam's coffers a couple of days ago,, a very fair return for four books. I need to buy some more daffs, memo to self.

  3. Your anemones are very pretty, and the books look interesting! It looks as though you are way out in the country, not in the middle of a city.

  4. What a sweetheart your baby is! It is lovely to watch him grow.

  5. oh yes anemones, I love them too...

  6. I'm so envious of all your beautiful places to walk! Are all Scottish babies so happy and smiley?

  7. Your local scenery is quite beautiful; I love old bridges. They look even better with an old steam train running across Mr Life agrees with that!
    Do you have a permanent Oxfam shop? Oh...I'm green with envy. We have an Oxfam book fair for one day once a year in a local hall, and people start queuing up hours ahead of the opening time. I invariably sleep in, and don't get there until lunchtime, when everything has been well and truly picked over.