Friday, September 21, 2012


The other day, Son-in-Law 1 and I took Grandson for a walk in the park round the biggest of our city hills, Arthur's Seat. The hill is so familiar to me, from all angles, from 62 years of walking or driving round it (and occasionally climbing it). Whenever we're driving back Edinburgh, I know we're nearly home when we can see it on the horizon.
The next day we took the little chap to a playpark. Ah, the future possibilities of swings and chutes (as we call them in Scotland - slides, as you may know them).
Grandson isn't well, though. He's had a cold for ages and I think it's now segued into another one. Yesterday he was a bit feverish and from time to time had to sit on someone's knee and suck his thumb, looking solemn, which isn't like him.
To cheer us up, SIL 1 got dressed in Grandson's play tunnel. He managed to extract himself afterwards, you'll be pleased to hear. (These are his cycling shorts, by the way. How lovely to be that slender.)


  1. That playtunnel outfit is sort of Lady-GaGa-esque. (So my children tell me)

  2. Um.....what to say......
    In Australia they are called slippery-dips.

  3. I was about to compliment SIL-1 on his charming Wonder Woman-themed cocktail ensemble, then ask if he was going on a fun-run or just preparing for guising.

    I hope grandson is on the mend soon.

  4. Oh No! Grandson is still unwell! I hope he's soon feeling better. 'Tis the season for colds -- they're running rampant over here. And Haha -- I thought maybe SIL1 was trying out a new Halloween costume.

  5. Hope SIL 1 didn't get too caught up on the velcro ..... Colds are everywhere here too, hope Grandson shakes his off soon.

  6. A favorite view of Edinburgh for me, since we stayed in university housing just under Arthur's seat in 2012....Poor grandson. May he be well very very soon, and find his cheery smile.