Tuesday, October 23, 2012


One of the main ambitions of Grandson's life is to get handfuls of cat and squeeze them. "Pussy!" he says enthusiastically. "Mia! Mia!" he chortles.

Sirius and Cassie are not fans of Grandson. They never liked him from the start, when he had an occasional tendency to be Very Noisy. Their attitude mellowed slightly once he got bigger and more reliably cheerful, while still not able to move around. Now their opinion of him has deteriorated once again. They don't like the way he crawls very fast. (What is he? A very solid and unfurry kitten?) They disapprove of him standing and reaching across the sofa towards them. (Don't let him touch me!) They don't like his peals of laughter. (Most undignified.)

Cassie tends to disappear under the table when he's in the dining room, where the furry ones normally spend their time. Sirius is slightly braver, but shrinks back on the sofa, disapproval in his every whisker. He looks reproachfully at us. (Why do you keep bringing that thing into our house?)

Little do they know that in February or March, Volume 2 will be joining us. Poor cats. Now they know what it's like to be a mouse.


  1. Maybe the cats are too mature and established to accept their new "kitten"! Our two older cats beat a retreat when our granddaughter is around, but the younger two are happy to be friends ( under supervision).


    - This is a comment typed in by Grandson. He is being enigmatic about what it means.

  3. Sirius and Cassie may have been there first in your home but Grandsons have a way of knocking them out of first place.

    This is not unlike my husband becoming first in order to my mother shortly after we married. That was hard to swallow but later when the granddaughter came along, she became first, husband became second and I fell back to third on her preference list. Ha! Ha!

    Oh well, third wasn't so bad. And who would want a mother who didn't LOVE any grandchildren produced?

  4. Cats rule, ok? Or not?
    Despite my fondness for cats, I am on the side of the humans. although I am thinking about getting myslef a cat....

  5. Funny how cats have those expressions! Dogs do, also-If I give attention to "new" people/animals, my dogs let me know they are displeased. :) Loved the grandson pic, as always! :)

  6. I can understand their alarm . There's something unstoppable about very little boys .

  7. Grinning as I remember what I used to do to our cats when I was very small. Pinching the end of their tail just enough to make them squeak, which made me giggle. Mum was always smacking me for doing that.

  8. BTW thanks for explaining about Scotland and the monarchy!

  9. Hahaha -- you're too funny. I guess it's only fair for the kitties to be hunted too. Love that cute picture of small grandson!