Sunday, June 09, 2013

Three wishes

Well, my very kind Son-in-Law 1 has worked out a way of subverting Blogger's cunning plan to stop me posting pictures so here are some. It's much more of a fiddle than the old procedure, so I may have to take up his other suggestion, which is to convert to Google Chrome. Anyway, here you can see a goat eating the newly-built extension to the restaurant at Gloagburn Farm, where we had lunch with Son on Thursday. I feel they may have to rethink their policy on their free-range goats.

This is Branklyn Gardens, which are very lovely, full of peat-loving plants.

Here are their glorious mecanopsis...

... which they're able to grow in large quantities. Unlike me. I wish I could.

And here is Son, sheltering from the (yes!) hot sun which we've had all week.

These are some of the many exhibits at the museum yesterday.

We all went round saying, "Oh, my granny had one of those." One felt depressingly historical.

We went for a walk beside the river afterwards.

There were wild flowers in profusion. It was hot again.

I wish I lived in the country. In summer, anyway.

Here's Sirius enjoying the sun in our back garden. He really isn't very well, still breathing shallowly and occasionally coughing. We're worried about him. He goes back to the vet on Friday. I'm not looking forward to hearing what the vet says. I wish I had a magic wand to make Sirius better. He's such a pleasant and tolerant cat.


  1. I too love mecanopsis. What a fabulous blue; but like you I have had no luck growing them.
    I hope puss cat is okay. I am not good with pets being unwell, so now have no cats.

  2. Poor Sirius, I hope he isn't too bad. He's a lovely puss. Thanks for the lovely garden pics.....and I love visiting those nostalgic places, too!

  3. Wow! Scotland really blossoms when the sun shines. Sending Best wishes and chin scratches to Sirius!

  4. Lovely pictures, reminding me of my recent holiday in Scotland. Looks like you had a great day out.

    Unfortunately, although promised sun every day, we have not seen any since Friday.

    Hope poor Sirius will be OK.

  5. Awww, poor, sweet little Sirius. At least he's able to enjoy the sun a bit. I hope the vet will find something to help him. xo

  6. Oh, poor Sirius...I do hope your vet can heal him.
    Lovely photos, beautiful flowers. Your retirement time is proving to be all you could wish for! Time with kids, grandkids, friends, and visiting interesting places. Ken and I are looking forward to doing that kind of stuff soon. At the moment he is like a lost soul, but he'll get over it!

  7. What a lovely sequence of photos. That garden looks a wonderful place to visit.

    Hoping that Sirius can be helped and healed.

  8. Sending hugs to you and Sirius - hoping for the best! Lovely pics, too...

  9. Blogger isn't letting me choose pictures now. Would it be possible for SIL to explain the fix that worked for you? I've tried Chrome and clearing my cache but that hasn't helped.