Tuesday, June 03, 2014

We've been in the Lake District for a long weekend with our offspring, two out of three of their spouses, the grandchildren, my brother and his wife, my niece, my nephew and my nephew's girlfriend. The day before we left, poor old Mr L had to visit the Infirmary with a dislocated finger. Fortunately he decided he could still drive. I can also drive, but am not happy doing so at over 50 miles an hour. Mr L prefers to go faster than that on motorways and so do the drivers behind me.

This was the view from our bedroom.

Most of us got ample opportunity to admire the beautiful gardens when pursuing the energetic Grandson as he trotted from the deep pond at one side of the lawn to the deep pond at the other.

It was all very nice, though some of us found it a bit exhausting.

This is Blackwell, a LOVELY Arts and Crafts house which we've visited before and WHICH I WANT. It's full of lovely interesting spaces and details.

Grandson, so far a philistine, preferred his toy camper van.

We met a baby owl.

As I said, it was all good fun but a trifle wearing. Grandson was so tired on the last day that he slept through dinner.


  1. It all sounds so enjoyable, with such wonderful togetherness. I hope the dislocated finger heals quickly.

  2. Ouch to Mr L......I hope that finger heals soon! What a very pretty spot and what gorgeous gardens. Holidaying is very strenuous, you know.....or perhaps you do!

  3. It all looks lovely, if exhausting.
    Hope Mr. L. recovers soon!

  4. What a lovely time for you all, despite poor Mr L`s sore finger.

    I would love to see that Arts and Crafts house!

  5. How fun for you all to be able to have some time away together! Did Grandson love the baby owl? That's such a cute picture!

  6. Glad you had a good trip! Wishing you all a well-deserved rest. I always need a vacation to get over my vacations.. ha!


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