Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We've been away visiting Daughter 2 in London. This is her living room...

... and this is the block where she and her husband have bought their flat. It's nice, but quite far out of central London; and yet very expensive compared to Edinburgh.

This is the apartment block that she's been refurbishing - in Kensington - much more central. The three-bedroom apartments are rented out, per month, for about six times my monthly salary when I left work. She showed us round one that's not taken yet.

They're admittedly rather grand...

... and set in a lovely square with beautiful gardens.

Then we went to the Victoria and Albert museum, where they had a notice up in lights: "All this belongs to you". In which case, I'd like these little wooden heads: a man's and a woman's, beautifully carved. They would fit nicely in my dining room.

Another day we went to Dulwich Picture Gallery, which has a very nice restaurant - see above - where we had lunch.

In the garden outside was this beautiful tree - according to its notice, a Judas tree.

Dulwich is really lovely and again very expensive: a fairly ordinary-looking house in a pleasant street would cost two million pounds or more. We know this because there are a lot of estate agents in the main street - and also an independent bookshop, posh clothes shops, shops with desirable decorative items and cafés with tempting cakes. Maybe Daughter 2 can move there once her actor husband hits the big time.

The purpose for our visit to Dulwich was to see the exhibition of Eric Ravilious watercolours. He was a war artist who was killed in a plane crash in 1942 at the age of 39. He was a wonderful artist; Daughter 2 and I agreed that we'd be very happy to have almost any of his paintings on our walls. He left a wife and three children and, to add to the sad story, his wife died of cancer in 1952.

Dulwich Park is beautiful too. I imagine that this oak tree will still be there when we're all gone from this world. I always find this a comforting thought: we have our little troubles but trees just grow steadily on, dropping their leaves and growing new ones; as they must.


  1. I find all house/flat prices in the UK extremely high.

  2. It might belong to you, but I bet you would get into trouble if you took anything home!

  3. Beautiful visiting your dear daughter in London in the spring. Is April in Paris any more lovely than May in London? Or Edinburgh?

    Both times I was in Edinburgh it was June and enchanted.

  4. Oh my goodness we could so easily have bumped into each other at all of those places last week!

    1. Oh, I wish we had!! Of course, maybe we did...

  5. I too would be happy to have any Eric Ravillious picture on my wall, cheaper than a house in Dulwich but probably still out of my price range, which I have to admit is fairly limited. I saw the exhibition with my mum. I'm looking forward to seeing 'All this belongs to you' at the V&A. With a title like that, I hope you didn't have to pay to see it.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to go to the V&A again. And DD2's apartment is so pretty!